The Learning Box Preschool (**GIVEAWAY**)

his product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

The Learning Box Preschool is a professionally designed online educational preschool curriculum program filled with fun hands-on activities, arts and crafts, and early literacy experiences for children ages 3-5.

The Learning Box Preschool program kits are all inclusive and hassle free! Goodbye hours of preparation! Their kits include materials for the amount of children ordered and one teacher supply. The children’s materials are separated by days and placed in bags. Their  kits are all inclusive in the fact that there is no more wasting your ink to copy worksheets, no more spending all your time cutting out art and craft projects, and no more running to the store to purchase craft supplies. Basically the only supplies not included in the kits are glue, scissors, writing utensils (i.e. pencils, pens, crayons, markers), and paint.

The head curriculum director of The Learning Box Preschool has a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology. In addition to her academic education, she has over 17 years teaching in the state of Idaho. They also have additional licensed teachers with Bachelors of Arts in Education writing for them as well.

Let’s just say that we can be assured our kids are getting a good education!


I was THRILLED beyond expression when I found out that the Learning Box preschool was going to be sending me a monthly box to share with our readers!  Homeschooling has always fascinated me, and although I still don’t know which route we will take come time for Kindergarten, the Learning Box preschool has given me the opportunity to test a homeschool environment!

The Learning Box preschool is an amazing program that can be tailored to your needs.  Ranging from a parent, like me, to daycare centers and preschools, the curriculum can be either a 3 or 5 day curriculum and can be purchased for up to 34 children!

What does that mean?

The Learning Box preschool provides you with a monthly box of materials that is spelled out definitively, so there are no questions to ask!  I made sure to pre-read and prepare my materials for our “mommy school” and took many of the reference materials up to our local office store to be laminated.  The only bummer was that my walls are textured, so keeping them tacked to the wall without nails, was futile. The wall won.

“I can’t do it!”

Yes you can!  How much easier can it be than a baggie that specifically says “Day One” on it….and has all of your materials in that bag for Day one?  In addition, there is a daily curriculum guide that is your map to the days you teach. Organized by day to make it easy-to-use, with something to take home every day….or stay at home, in my case, to show Daddy!

I originally had this delivered to me for my oldest child and not for the younger, but I quickly had to revise my delivery, because my daughter wanted to participate and I didn’t want to have to replicate that many materials for her!

Quickly, my children both wanted to do “Mommy school” and all types of technology interruptions went out the window.

The Learning Box preschool has far exceeded my expectations and I have actually referred a couple of my friends to their site, in which they have purchased the program as well!

The first month that I participated in was September ~ Great timing in conjunction with other schools.  This month we learned about apples and dinosaurs.  So the first two weeks, we were able to talk about apples…crafts…food….books… and more!  Then we moved onto the same routine with dinosaurs.  This second half created an extreme curiosity not so much in dinosaurs as in bones in general.  It’s funny what kids get caught up on.

I actually had a great apples book that I didn’t realize we owned, but it coincided beautifully and talked all about the different types of apples and crafts that you could do with them.  We easily integrated these crafts and activities with the ones provided to us by the Learning Box Preschool.

Noah was entranced by school and it helped me feel a bit more secure in feeling as if he wasn’t sitting in front of the TV all day, or not experiencing and learning what he should be at this age.

Thank you to the Learning Box Preschool…..I can’t wait to continue on our journey!

MATERIALS in a Nutshell

So I’ve mentioned a couple of the amazing organizational and directional materials that you as a teacher will receive to guide the way, but here is the gammit……

Curriculum Guide ~ Organized by theme to help complete the daily activities.

Display Posters

  • Alphabet Chart
  • Number Chart
  • Sign Language Chart

Flag & Pledge Card
Calendar Grid
Weather Cards
Game Pieces

  • Foam Dice…..yeah….keep this up high! My little dog got hold of this…..and lets just say we use normal dice now!
  • Pawns

Teacher Supplies ~ Organized by week to help complete the daily activities.

  • 2 Theme Related Books
  • “Fun”damental Cards
  • Shape Mini-book
  • 1 Theme Game
  • 3 Alphabet Letter Cards, including
    the sign language symbols
  • 12 Picture cards
  • Action Stories
  • Fundamental Review Games
    (Ex – Memory or Go Fish)
  • Shape Cut Out
  • Ideas for “Extra” activities
    (Field trips, food experiences, dramatic play)

Monthly Displays

  • Color Poster
  • Pattern Poster
  • Number Poster
  • Shape Poster
  • Calendar Heading
  • Calendar Pieces including
  • Special Days and
  • Birthday Pieces
  • Weather Graph

Children’s Materials 

  • Letter, Number, and Shape Practice Sheet
  • Math Board with Counters or Math Manipulative Cards
  • “Fun”damental Cards for letter, numbers, shapes, color, and pattern
  • 1 Theme Mini-book
  • Fine Motor activities including lacing every other month
  • Letter cutouts
  • Number cutout
  • Theme Project Book
  • Shape Puzzle or Shape Collage
  • Shape Mini-book
  • Patterning Strip
  • Theme Puzzle every other month
  • Writing Page
  • Parent Homework
  • Plus more Crafts!


With all that said….how can you not head over to the Learning Box Preschool and sign up for your monthly delivery now???

his product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


 The Learning Box Preschool – December 5-day Curriculum

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  1. 1
    Shannon Baas says:

    I think this would be great.

  2. 2

    The Sample Day that they show is great to display what they have to offer. I really like the 3 day curriculum.

  3. 3

    I have twin 4 year old daughters. I drive them to nearby my work everyday which is a 2 hour round trip commute to get to an affordable daycare. Otherwise, the cheapest daycare in my area was $600 per week and the woman running it did not speak the same language as I do. If I took them to the poorer city where I work a regular preschool costs $900 per week for 3 half days per week. California schools had some budget issues so they pushed back Kindergarden so by the time my October born daughters start Kindergarden, they will have just turned 6. They cannot go to Kindergarden next year. Because I am very good at math, my kids can add and subtract already and they can read some easy books. But other concepts like parts of body, seasons of the year, etc. they do not know anything about.

  4. 4
    Renee Walters says:

    This would be great! I homeschool my son currently.

  5. 5
    sarah cooper says:

    I don’t homeschool, my son attends preschool three mornings a week. However we do lots of educational activities at home to supplement his preschool experience. He would enjoy this set for sure!

  6. 6
    sarah cooper says:

    I like that this preschool curriculum would provide me with tons of ideas and that the supplies are included as well! That is totally awesome, we could do them whenever we had time and wouldn’t have to worry about picking up supplies before hand!

  7. 7
    Stephanie Larison says:

    No, we don’t home school. However, my daughter is 4 so I’d love to win this for her, to get her more prepared for school next year when she starts.

  8. 8

    Looks pretty cool!

  9. 9

    I’m always looking for ways to use new educational materials with kids, having stuff in long, well-planned curriculum would be wonderful

  10. 10

    And not homeschooling (our daughter is just 1 1/2 old) but wanting our house to be filled with all kinds of educational materials

  11. 11
    tina reynolds says:

    I like the looks of the 3 and 5 day kits

  12. 12
    Karen Matlock says:

    I read the testimonials and I love that preschool teachers recommend it.

  13. 13
    Karen Matlock says:

    I homeschooled my children until high school. Now I have 3 grandchildren.

  14. 14
    Crystal Bass says:

    I wasn’t sure if they had a promotion going on, but the price per month is 56.74 — the 10.25 price tag is for shipping only.

    My jaw dropped at $10.25, but I tried to order, and it went up to almost 60!

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