Homemade Seashell Ornaments

Every year, we go to the seashore, and we always come home with lots of shells.  We try to do as many crafts and projects as possible with them, and this is one of my favorites, because it is a nice way to have a keepsake from our vacations.

Materials needed:

~ Shells

~ Mod Podge

~ Glitter

~ Small paintbrush (preferably a cheap one you can throw away – I find cheap packs of paintbrushes at the dollar store)

~ Ribbon

~ Thread or clear thread/fishing line

~ hot glue

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Make sure your shells are clean.

Mix some Mod Podge with glitter.

I like using fine glitter, and you can use an opalescent glitter if you don’t want to add a lot of color.  You can also skip the glitter all together, but the Mod Podge will give the shell a nice shiny, wet look that brings out the color of the shell.

Homemade Seashell Ornaments

Paint your shell carefully, coating it evenly.  Allow your shell(s) to dry on a surface it won’t stick to (e.g. plastic).

Make a small bow using a ribbon (if desired), and measure a loop of thread you wish to use to hang your shell.  Attach with a hot glue gun.

Although it can be difficult, I also sometimes use a Sharpie to label the inside of my shell with the location and year.  You could also make a small “label” and secure it to the inside of the shell with Mod Podge.  This is a great way to make an ornament for your family or for people you have gone on vacation with, to give as a keepsake.

Homemade Seashell Ornaments