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This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

As a busy mom, I am always looking for ways to eat healthy – but that doesn’t always happen.  Bestowed is one of those companies that can do the work for you!  The Bestowed Box is a subscription box that delivers healthy foods, snacks, beverages, and more – all hand-picked by celebrity nutritionist Heather Bauer.

I love the idea of getting a monthly box packed with healthy goodies.  If you’ve ever seen me in a good health food store, you know this is right up my alley.  It is like having a personal shopper hand-picking health foods for you, plus it doesn’t hurt to add the excitement of getting a box in the mail!

Bestowed Box

I was really lucky to try an October box, which features all GMO-free products.  Although I try to make healthy choices for myself and my family, I need to be better about seeking out non-GMO foods (especially having watched an eye-opening documentary about GMOs earlier this year).  Between the theme of the box and all the information provided, the Bestowed Box had me thinking a little more about my food choices.  Each month’s Bestowed Box has a different feature, introducing you to a variety of healthy items.

All of the products in the October Box were new to me, and although I had heard of some, it was a nice treat to actually try items that I had never tried before.  For example, I have had Nature’s Path Love Crunch before, but the Dark Chocolate Macaroon must be a new flavor, plus I hadn’t realized their products were GMO-free.  Now I will be sure to pay attention next time at the store and choose this brand over a brand that uses GMO ingredients.  (This granola was nothing short of amazing, between myself, my husband, and my 6 year old, the bag was gone in no time!)

The Bestowed box comes with a booklet that talks about each of the items.  For the October box, there is also a little “GMO 101” as well, to get you up to speed on what GMOs are.  The booklet answers any questions you might have, from company information to where you can purchase those products.  I think this is very helpful, and a great resource.  My favorite tidbits of information?  Learning that I can buy Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix at Target (because my daughter has a severe peanut allergy, and I loved this tasty nut-free “trail mix”), and a tip to use The Good Bean chickpeas on top of salads in place of croutons!  And if you can’t find one of the products that comes in your Bestowed Box, many can be purchased right from!

Some of the great items I got to sample in the October box included:

~ Unreal Peanut Butter Cups

~ Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix Grab & Go

~ Nature’s Path Love Crunch (Dark Chocolate Macaroon Granola)

~ Way Better Simply Tortilla Chips

~ FiberLove Cinnamon Raisin Bar

~ Manitoba Harvest Hemp

~ Ultima Replenisher

~ The Good Bean Smoky Chili & Lime Chickpea Snacks

I had a lot of fun with my box, and I’m pretty sure everything had been used within 24 hours!  I dug in right away because I was just so excited to try my goodies.  Even my 6 year old wanted to try a bunch of these items, including the Unreal Candy and Way Better Snacks Blue Tortilla Chips.


The nice thing is, even if you aren’t a big fan of a certain product, you don’t have to commit to it.  These are all individual serving sizes, so it’s not like when you are at the store and you have to buy a box of 8 bars or a huge bag of chips, only to find out you don’t want more than one bite.  The Bestowed Box allows you to sample all kinds of healthy items and see what peaks your interest.  And I don’t live in a town that has an amazing health food store, so the box introduced me to some products I wouldn’t find in a store, so having sampled them, now I can purchase items online.

And in addition to the actual products, there are some promotions and coupons included in the box.  My box included a 1-year subscription to Women’s Health, and a coupon for $1 off a Nature’s Path Product (yes please!), as well as other great offers.

CONNECT!  You can visit Bestowed at Also check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

COUPON CODE: Receive $5 off your first box!  Use the code 5OFFBESTOWED03

Or start a Bestowed membership for $10, almost 50% off!  Use HELLOTEN103 – good until 10/31/13!

BUY IT!  Purchase the Bestowed Box directly from their online store, as well as products that have been featured in their boxes.

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.




  1. 1

    Those black bean tortilla chips sounds yummy. What a great gift idea.

  2. 2

    Love these boxes -they are so much fun!

  3. 3

    I would love food sent to me monthly! And especially healthy stuff!

  4. 4

    I love black bean tortilla chips! So yummy (:

  5. 5

    How clever! And I love getting things delivered! So easy!

  6. 6

    I’d love to get a box of healthy foods every month. Looks like a great company with quality products that they use. So delicious-looking too!

  7. 7

    Black bean tortilla chips? Sounds delicious (but a little gassy)

  8. 8

    OMG it even looks yummy!!

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