Pasta with Roasted Vegetables


Roasted Vegetable Pasta

I love grilled and roasted vegetables, and this pasta is a great way to enjoy those fresh summer veggies.  I have found that roasted vegetables have a rich flavor, and it is not necessary to use a lot of seasonings or other ingredients.


~ Vegetables (such as tomatoes, onions, and summer squash)

~ Pasta

~ Olive oil

~ Seasonings (salt, pepper, etc)

~ Cheese (such as Parmesan, Italian blend, etc)

Roasted Vegetables


Grill the vegetables.  You can either do this on a kabob or in a vegetable basket.  We brush the vegetables with olive oil and then dust with seasonings, such as salt and pepper or “Natures Seasonings”.  We grill them until tender but firm, and have a nice roasted appearance.

Prepare pasta and drain.

Toss the pasta with the veggies, adding a little bit of olive oil if desired.  You can also season, using salt and pepper or other additional spices.

If desired, top with cheese.


Roasted Vegetable Pasta



  1. 1

    I love roasted veggies, and it looks healthy too!

  2. 2

    This looks absolutely delicious…I’ll have to lie in wait until my squash-hating bf is out for a night, and make it for myself!! :-)

  3. 3
    Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    Grilled veggies are the.
    The seem to have more flavor when grilled.
    The picture of yours makes me want to go fire up the grill now.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  4. 4

    Mmm…veggies and pasta- this sounds so good. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. 5

    Ohhhhhh boy!! This looks so good! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

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