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Neater feeder

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

My kids make a lot of messes… and so does our cat.  As a busy mom, I am always looking for ways to cut down on cleaning and make my days run more efficiently without extra work.

Neater Feeder

Our cat’s eating area tends to be a mess.  Dry food gets scattered.  The water bowl gets bumped and spilled by the cat and the kids.  Little bits of wet food end up stuck to our kitchen island right behind the food bowl.  Crumbs are left all around the bowls.  Then the cat bats around pieces of spilled kibble.

Here is a few days of accumulated mess to give you an idea of how quickly our cat makes a mess (which I allowed to accumulate for about 2 days for the purpose of this review).

Neater Feeder review

If I don’t want it to look like this, I have to clean it frequently (daily, at least!).  And have you ever stepped in pet food?  I dread the crunch of a piece of stray kibble under my foot.. yuck!

The Neater Feeder is designed to solve the messes associated with pet food and protect floors.  I knew right away that this would be very helpful.  Here’s the basics of how the Neater Feeder works:

Neater Feeder

My Neater Feeder arrived quite quickly, packaged in a compact box.  The parts are nested to reduce packaging size, and it only takes a minute to put the parts together.  The bowls fit into the tray, the tray fits on the platform, and the optional leg extensions I chose for my set click right into the base.

Neater Feeder

At first, my cat wasn’t so sure about this new ‘contraption’!

Neater Feeder

But in no time (within a minute), she was using it!


To find just the right Neater Feeder for you, check out this handy size chart.  My cat is pretty big in size (18lbs), so I chose the cat feeder with the leg extensions.  The Neater Feeder will accommodate any size pet, from small cats to large 100+lb dogs (with a 9 cup capacity water bowl).

The Neater Feeder really works.  No more food scattered around the bowls, no more spilled water.  I don’t have to worry about stepping in kibble.  This would have been really nice when my kids were babies in the crawling stage, when the stray piece of kibble on the floor could have been a disaster.

One of the unexpected benefits of having the Neater Feeder, for us, is that the bowls are just the right size.  In the past, the bowl we used for dry food was too big, and I’m sure it contributed to overfeeding.  Whether it was that I couldn’t remember how much I fed the cat, or my kids were “helping out” by creating a mountain of food in the dish, it was too much dry food.  The small bowl is a much better portion size, and means fresher food and water.  I also keep an extra water dish in a different part of our house just to have an extra source of fresh water.

Neater Feeder

I love the Neater Feeder color choices, which are Cranberry and Bronze.  I chose the Bronze, and the color is perfect for disguising pieces of kibble that land outside of the bowl (but inside the feeder).  I can see how both colors make it less obvious that there is spilled food within the tray, but I also really just love how the bronze blends into the household decor.  I have gotten so many compliments on this product from visitors.

The Neater Feeder cleans up easily.  The parts of the tray wash quickly, and there is a cutout in the tray where the bowls sit so that the bowls lift out easily.  The great thing too is that all parts are dishwasher safe!  I am too busy to have to wash things by hand all the time.

The Neater Feeder has gone above and beyond my expectations.  It looks great.  It cleans up easily.  My house stays clean!

Neater Feeder review

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This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.



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  1. 101

    My Westie, Darwin, would love this! And so would I…

  2. 102
    Angela Ash says:

    I have 3 pets that could use the Neater Feeder – 2 cats & 1 dog. I would let my oldest cat have since she’s bigger than the other cat & dog & you have to respect your elders. I’m sure she would love it & then I’d have to buy 2 more so the others don’t get jealous. I also know a lot of people with cats & dogs & can see this as a good gift idea.

  3. 103
    Carolyn Gates says:

    My 9 month Great Pyrenees needs this, he is a messy eater

  4. 104

    Somehow cat food always ends up on our floor near their bowls, so this would definitely help keep the floor a lot neater!

  5. 105
    kathy pease says:

    we have 5 cats and two min pin dogs that would use this

  6. 106
    Kat Emerick says:

    I have 2 min. schnauzers that loves to make a mess and this would be awesome!

  7. 107

    This would be for my cat Max.

  8. 108

    my cat just had kittens and this would sure come in handy!

  9. 109
    Richard Hicks says:

    We have a big Akita

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  10. 110

    My sweet pit bull Lucy would absolutely love to win this!

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