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In our family, watching Magic School Bus is a treat.  The recent release of “In a Pickle” and the 3-DVD set “Revving Up” were met with enthusiasm and a big bowl of popcorn.  What the kids don’t realize, is that Magic School Bus sets us up for a discussion on science principles.  Sometimes, we even dive further into a subject by experimenting, reading more books, or asking Daddy (a scientist).  Get ready for some science learning and fun!


IN A PICKLE Topic: Microbes

Keesha and the class return from vacation to find her prize cucumber has turned into a pickle! Could the Mike Robe gang be to blame?

MEETS MOLLY CULE Topic: Molecules

When Wanda’s favorite singer, Molly Cule, comes to town she lets Ms. Frizzle’s class wash her famous car down to the very last bit.

MAKES A STINK Topic: Smell

Flora Whiff — whose “nose knows” — judges the First Annual Smell Search. Ms. Frizzle’s class creates a unique smell that is bound to take first prize.

BONUS EPISODE: The Magic School Bus Meets The Rot Squad

Magic School Bus In a Pickle


REVVING UP — Topic: Engines

The school district’s Vehicle Maintenance Inspector, Junkett, is about to condemn the Magic School Bus!

UNDER CONSTRUCTION — Topic: Structures

Two inches tall and trapped in a bathroom, the kids must use what they’ve learned about structures to escape.

GETS PROGRAMMED— Topic: Computers

Ms. Frizzle’s class opens the school, but there’s so much to do!  Enter Mr. Ruhle’s new computer and Carlos’ whiz kid brother!

Bonus: Hops Home — Topic: Habitat


The class is ready to plus in their “Double Trouble Wheel of Wonder” at the carnival when they discover all the outlets are taken.

GETS CHARGED — Topic: Electricity

The class is selling light bulbs.  When they stop at Ms. Frizzle’s house to sell her one, they find that her doorbell doesn’t work.

A BRIGHT IDEA — Topic: Light

The light show at Walkerville’s old theater is illuminating, but Arnold’s cousin Janet claims she could put on a much better show.

Bonus: IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE— Topic: Sound

IN THE CITY — Topic: City Critters

Tim thinks the zoo is the only place in the city wild animals can survive.  To test this theory, Ms. Frizzle turns the class into critters.

CRACKS A YOLK — Topic: Eggs

The principal has to go away for a few days and leaves his chicken, Giblets, in Dorothy Ann’s care.  The Friz shows the class how eggs are made.

ALL DRIED UP — Topic: Desert Adaptation

Always the caring soul, Phoebe goes on a crusade to save the animals and plants of the desert- and discovers how well they take care of themselves.

Bonus: ANTS IN PANTS— Topic: Ants

Magic School Bus Revving up

There are so many great opportunities to connect your kids with science via these DVDs.  The kids and Ms. Frizzle make science fun, taking the viewer to places you cannot normally go.  For instance, in the Revving Up episode, the kids and Ms. Frizzle go inside an engine to learn how it works, from the gas tank all the way out the muffler.  With great explanations and lots of problem solving, the kids learn about combustion engines.  My favorite part is at the end, where “kids” call in to tell the producer all the things that are truly impossible with the show…like going inside an engine.  However, they do it and it makes science learning fun!

Magic School Bus is a terrific platform for science learning at home or in the classroom.  Look for these two new offerings from Scholastic AND check out their previous releases.  You can purchase individual DVDs that include 3-4 episodes or own the complete 52-episode series .

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BUY IT!  In a Pickle is available from Scholastic Storybook Treasures for $12.95. The Revving Up 3-DVD set is available for $24.95..

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.



Magic School Bus DVDs from Scholastic

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