“Singing Our Way Through” CD from Alastair Moock & Friends (**GIVEAWAY**)

Singing Our Way Through - Alastair Moock

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Once in a while an album is released that warms your heart even before you listen to it.  “Singing Our Way Through” from Alastair Moock is one of those.  Created when his  daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, this album is filled with encouraging, inspiring songs that are intended to help kids (and adults) through an incredibly difficult time.  Check out this selection:

I Am the Light

An acrostic poem that expresses the sentiment for the entire album.  The lyrics begin:  “C is for cancer, that’s growing in me.  A is for able, that’s what I will be — Able to bend like a tree in the wind; My branches are strong even though they are thin. N is for nothing can make me afraid For I am the kid who leads the parade…”

When I Get Bald

Finding the joy in the more visible hard things “When I get bald gonna laugh with dad Gonna reminisce ‘bout the hair we had Course I’ll laugh more ‘cuz it’s understood Mine will be back, his is gone for good…”

I’m a Little Monkey

Words that fit kids who are feeling fine!

Take a Little Walk with Me (feat. Elizabeth Mitchell)

Walking to places you can sometimes only go in your imagination

Hard Travelin’ (feat. The Okee Dokee Brothers)

An old, but appropriate Woody Guthrie song talking about doing hard things.

Have You Ever Been Jealous? (feat. Rani Arbo)

“Envious, covetous, and dissatisfied Moping around with the big green eyes Resentful, unhappy, bitter and mean Feeling so angry that you want to scream Dragging around a great big gripe Listen up sister, I know what that’s like…”  The lyrics share the sentiment but offer no solutions.


Love this rap about being brave: “A needle’s meant for sewing A needle’s meant for thread But when you say That needle’s meant for me, I lose my head…”

You’ve Got a Friend in Me (feat. Chris Smither)

A familiar favorite from Disney, redone and made extra special by Christ Smither.

Joy Comes Back

A song of anticipation.  “I want to be ready when joy comes back to me.”

Take Care of Your Grownups

Grownups need love, attention and care, too.  We aren’t perfect!

Walk On

“Keep walkin’ until you find your way back home…”

Home When I Hold You (feat. Aoife O’Donovan)

Longing for home…

This Little Light of Mine (feat. The World’s Bravest Kids)

A traditional song with a new verse full of encouragement…

Alastair Moock

Choosing a favorite song from this album would be difficult.  There are so many that fill a need or express a sentiment that occurs at different points during diagnosis, treatment and recovery.  If you know someone, adult or child, who is struggling to beat an illness, disease, etc., consider purchasing this album for them.  Not only are you showing your support for them and encouraging them, but you are helping others.  Money raised from sales of this album allows Moock to put this music in the hands of children and families living with cancer.

CONNECT!  You can visit Alastair Moock at http://www.moockmusic.com.  Also check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

BUY IT!  You can purchase or download this CD ($15) and others by Alastair Moock here.

If a child in your family is facing a life-threatening illness, Alastair Moock would love to offer you a free digital copy of the album here.

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


“Singing Our Way Through” CD from Alastair Mook & Friends

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