Shell Frame Craft ~ Saving Beach Memories


Shell Frame Craft

Every summer, we head to the beach, and we come back with a lot of shells!  I am often at a loss as far as what to do with all the pretty shells that the kids collect.  This is an easy project you can do to remember your vacations on the beach, and save some of your children’s favorite shells.

Supplies needed:

 ~ Unfinished craft frame (you can often find these for $1-2 at the craft store)
  ~ Paint
  ~ Hot glue gun
  ~ Glitter or glitter glue (optional)
  ~ Shells, beach glass (careful that it is not too sharp for kids), etc.

The first step is to paint your frame.  Set the frame aside to dry completely.

Craft Frame

Select the shells or other items you want to use.  My kids really wanted to find beach glass when we were on vacation, and we only found a couple pieces, so I ended up buying sea glass from the craft store to add to the frames.  You can use anything else you like – sequins, beads, and so on.

You can also use Mod Podge or clear spray paint to make your shells shiny and give them a wet appearance (which may help to may bring out their beautiful colors).  We have even mixed Mod Podge with some fine glitter, which makes the shells shiny and glittery!

Shell Frame Craft

If you want, you can choose a spot where you can label the frame with a date and/or place, such as “2013”, “summer 2013″, Cape Cod 2013”, and so on.

Glue the shells and other items to your frame with hot glue.  I prefer using smaller shells, but as you can see, my kids like using the biggest shells they found!  Additionally, you can also save sand and glue some of that on top of the painted frame, around the shells.

For our frames, we usually print out a picture of our family at the beach.  When we have gone to the beach with other family members, we take a group photo to put in the frame and then give the framed photo as a gift.

These are inexpensive frames to make, and it is a nice way to make a memento of trips to the beach.

Shell Frame


  1. 1

    so pretty and so special – i luv! I love to collect shells and pretty stones from the beach – each little treasure is sun and makes a nice memory, this is a great way to showcase your sea shore finds!

  2. 2
    Janet W. says:

    What a creative way to show off your favorite beach vacation photo!! Cute!

  3. 3

    I have a shell collection from cape cod I could use for this!

  4. 4
    Robin Wilson says:

    I always pick up shells at the beach and then get them home only to wonder what the heck to do with them all. Now I know ~ crafts for the me and my niece to do together and she can give them as gifts later! @ birds with 1 stone. Thank you so much for the instructions.

  5. 5

    This would be a great craft to do for Christmas gifts for grandparent’s.

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