Summer Fun Jar for Kids


Do your kids get bored in the summertime?  Like most kids do, mine get bored too!  That is why I came up with the Summer Fun Jar.  It’s really simple to make, and your kids can easily help (especially on a rainy day!).  This jar’s purpose is to be used on a boring summer day.

My rules are to make sure your kids chores are all done for the day before you let them pick an activity (you can even write chores on the bored sticks if you would like) and of course make sure your kids are being extra good the day you use your bored jar. You can write things down as simple as go for a walk or you could head out for a day at the pool.

What You Will Need:

  •  Mason Jar
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Markers
  • Craft supplies of your choice to decorate your jar

You can make your jar however you want, so be creative!

Let your kids help you decorate the top half of each stick then you write the activity on the bottom half. Put the sticks in the jar and pull one out when needed!

Here is a list of some summer activity ideas:

– Go for a walk
– Go to the park
– Paint rocks
– Pool day
– Splash pad
– Library
– Picnic
– Sidewalk chalk
– Play date
– Summer movie
– Museum
– Bubbles
– Water balloons
– Water baseball
– Run through sprinklers
– Your choice

*You can write any activities that you know your kids will have fun with*

I hope this helps you and your kids turn boring summer days into days you won’t forget!


Brooke has blog about being a wife, mommy, and my family’s life, at  She is married with two beautiful girls.  She has struggled with several different health problems including endometriosis, ovarian cyst, kidney stones, infertility, difficult pregnancies, among other things…but tries her hardest not to let it get her down – she lives life to the fullest!




  1. 1
    Janet W. says:

    What a great idea to try and keep things fresh and exciting!

  2. 2
    Robin Wilson says:

    My son used to get bored during the summer about a week after school was out and even on a sunny day wanted something fun to do. This is a great idea. I think I will make one for my great-niece for when she comes to visit!

  3. 3
    Jennifer Young says:

    Great idea! We are getting to the point in the summer where “I’m bored” is becoming more common, lol! I will have to try this with my girls. Thanks!

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