Make Your Own “Grass Head” (Kid’s Craft)


This is a fun spring or summer project that is easy to do with kids.  Chances are, you probably have most, if not all, of the materials required!

You will need:
~ pantyhose or tights, etc.
~ soil or sawdust
~ grass seed
~ some kind of pot, recycled yogurt container, etc.
~ markers, googly eyes, or any other craft materials to decorate with

Start by cutting 6-10″ of stocking.  Include the toe part if possible (which will be the top of the head), but if you can’t, tie a knot at the end and turn the stocking inside out.

Stretch out the stocking over a container to hold it open, or you can hold it open with both hands.  First, your child will spoon the grass seed into the end of the stocking.  Then add soil until you feel like you have enough for the size you want.  This could be tennis-ball sized or more like a softball size, depending on the size of the container you want to sit it on top of.

Tie the end of the stocking.  Place it upside down on the cup so that the grass side is up.  Decorate your cup and your grass head.  You can make a nose by rubber-banding a little bit of dirt on the “face”.  (I use the tiny plastic hairbands that my girls used when they were toddlers, which work great).  Be careful that you use decorations that are waterproof – for instance, we use hot glue for the googly eyes, and permanent marker for drawing on the stocking.

Once your grass head is decorated, you can water it.  I usually flip it over and soak the grass portion.

After a week or so, the grass will start to sprout.  (My daughter decided she wanted hers to have a “ponytail”, so we didn’t turn the pantyhose inside out).

When the grass gets long enough, you can give your grass head a fun ‘haircut’!




  1. 1
    Janet W. says:

    What a cute craft project! My grandson would be so excited to watch the progress and give it a hair cut after a while.

  2. 2
    jamie braun says:

    super cute and looks super easy too! my step daughter will really dig this!

  3. 3
    Robin Wilson says:

    My great-niece loves ~ loves ~ loves here Mrs Potato Head and this reminds me of one of those. I do have the materials needed for this so I am going to surprise her this project. Thanks for the pics ~ visuals help me a lot with these kinds of projects.

  4. 4
    Dandi D says:

    This looks like a very fun spring project for my son and I to do together.

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