Little Green Pouch Reusable Food Pouches (**GIVEAWAY**)

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Both my girls have always loved squeezable pouches. As a parent, I love the convenience and portability.  However, my husband and I soon found ourselves wishing that there was a reusable option.  The price of food pouches adds up quickly, and so does the amount of trash being generated.  We were both thrilled to find out that now there is an alternative – the Little Green Pouch!

Little Green Pouch sent me everything I needed to get started.  The pouches come in sets of 4, and I also got a bottle brush, collapsible funnel (on the left), and a set of 4 extra caps.  They also sell other accessories such as pouch labels and a funnel-shaped pitcher.

Using the Little Green Pouch is extremely easy.  I washed the pouch before first use, as recommended.  The back of the pouch instructs to fill the pouch using a spoon, funnel, or pitcher.  I usually use a small spoon (which can be a little drippy or messy), or the funnel that they provided, which is easier.  The pouches have measurements marked right on them, and hold up to 6oz.

The funnel is super cute!  Folded, it measures under 3.5″ at the widest point and is under an inch tall!  It fits perfectly in the top of the Little Green Pouch, and when not in use, it takes up so little space in the kitchen.

One of the recipes I tried was from the Little Green Pouch website – Carrots & Applesauce.   I simply pureed cooked carrots with some applesauce and poured into the pouches.  Both my girls enjoyed their pouches, and it was nice to see them having a healthy snack.

Even thought my older daughter just turned 6, she asks me all the time for squeezable applesauce and other squeezable fruits.  I would love to send applesauce with her to school for snack or lunch, but generally, containers and spoons tend to come home messy.  This has been the perfect opportunity to send her to school with applesauce.  The Little Green Pouch doesn’t leave a mess behind – no drippy containers and lids, no spoons and spills.

The seal at the top of the bag has worked perfectly, and we have not had a single instance of it opening unexpectedly.  This goes for the pouches traveling in lunchboxes and also the kids squeezing the pouches into their mouths.  The top also has a nice tab on both sides where you can grab it your fingers to pull it open, so there is no struggling to open the pouch.

Ready to take to school!

My 3 year old has always loved food pouches, and it is a good source of fruits and veggies for her.  Since she started eating, she has had food allergies and food sensory issues, and it is extremely difficult to get her to eat a balanced diet.  The Little Green Pouch has been a lifesaver for us, because of the amount of food pouches that we go through.  With the Little Green Pouch, I can tailor the pouches to exactly the ingredients I want to use, such as organic foods and various mixes of fruits and vegetables.

I love that the pouches are labeled with everything I need – plus, there is a place to write your child’s name(s).  This is a great way for me to keep track of pouches especially when my girls are grabbing for theirs out of the fridge or taking them to school (so I know the pouches won’t get lost or mixed up).  The Little Green Pouch is marked with measurements (up to 7oz) and instructions for filling.  As a busy mom, I like that it says that this is marked dishwasher and freezer safe on the packaging, which is not only great that it is so versatile, but that I don’t have to remember that off the top of my head – and that anyone in our house preparing food for the kids (dad, grandma) can find this information right on the product.  I would have never guessed these would be dishwasher safe, and that is definitely a great convenience!

One of my “must-haves” in my children’s food serving products is that they are safe.  Rest assured, the Little Green Pouch is BPA-free, PVC-free & phthalate-free plastic.  As a rule of thumb, I don’t serve liquid foods in any plastics unless they meet this criteria.

The Little Green Pouch is very durable.  The plastic is thick and holds up well.  On average we use two per day, and I have had no issues with wear and tear.

You can purchase the Little Green Pouch and accessories from their website, other online retailers such as, or you can use their store locator to find a retailer near you.

Visit Little Green Pouch online at  You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


Little Green Pouch Starter Kit
($14.99 4-pack, $5.99 brush, $5.99 funnel, $1.99 caps)

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