Got Yeast? A Natural Solution


I don’t like to talk about it out loud too often, but I used to get yeast infections in rather uncomfortable places very frequently.  In fact, I went in to see the gynecologist one time and she called every other medical professional in the office in to see my yeast infection.  It had spread down my legs and was nearly to my knees.  Yikes.  How embarrassing!  Let’s just say that long skirts with nothing under them were my wardrobe for a few days.

With my first child, I learned that yeast infections can happen in other places, too.  While nursing, I got a yeast infection in both breasts that made wearing clothing quite painful.  It was then that started learning about every conceivable treatment available.  I tried everything over the counter, on the grapevine, and by prescription, with no relief. 

I tried gentian violet.  I tried washing with apple cider vinegar.  I tried Miconazol.  I tried Diflucan.  I tried cold cabbage leaves.  I tried this and that and everything else.  I even worked to reduce the sugar in my diet.  And then I went down to almost zero carbs (since they convert easily to sugar).  I was really struggling, and it was frustrating.  I could eat almost nothing and I felt horrible.  

Then, a woman in my nursing support group asked if I had tried grapefruit seed extract.  Yup.  You read it correctly.  Grapefruit.  Seed.  Extract.  Not grapefruits.  Not grapefruit extract.  Grapefruit seed extract.

This stuff became my best friend.  Within two days, I felt like a human being again.  Nice.  This stuff is amazing.  At first I was reluctant to take something that is used to purify water that may be contaminated by things like giardia – but it worked almost immediately.  Here is a little bit of information about using it to treat a yeast infection, how it works, and what you need to do to make it most effective, plus dosing and purchasing information. 

In doing some research, I also learned that grapefruit seed extract is not just terrific for purifying water or killing yeast infections.  It has a myriad of other health benefits.    Here is one source of information.  (Rabbit trail:  Our family was recently hit with multiple rounds of diarrhea.  I hate taking “stuff” to make me feel better, hoping instead for my body to take care of healing itself.  However, after the third or fourth round of being knocked out and having to stay near the bathroom, I was told by a dear friend that diarrhea is often treatable, using- guess what- Grapefruit seed extract!  I took one dose and did not have any more diarrhea.  I was so excited.)

Grapefruit seed extract is very bitter stuff.  So I am happy to report that you can get it in liquid form (great for treating little ones who can drink from a cup) OR pill form.  Either is effective.  I even put several drops on a clean washcloth and used it to wipe off my baby’s tongue before and after he nursed to help treat an oral yeast infection (thrush).  I personally prefer the pill form because it is easy to take and leaves no bitter aftertaste.

If you struggle with yeast, I would encourage you to look into grapefruit seed extract.  Hopefully, this will help someone else who is struggling!  Here’s to being yeast infection free!






  1. 1
    Holly Vallee says:

    Hi Kimberlee, I was wondering what brand name and where you were able to buy the grapefruit seed extract. I have been having a hard time finding it, any information you can give me would help, I am in Albany, Ny if that helps.Thank You!

  2. 2
    Lilia Kharabora says:

    Such a helpful post! Thank you. I was also wondering where I could find it?
    My baby girl has been suffering from diarrhea way to much lately. I hope this could help.

  3. 3
    Kimberlee says:

    I use the NutriBiotic brand. You can get it in liquid or tablet form. I get it at my local (ha, nothing in Nebraska is local) health food store. One reader suggested Vitamin Shoppe. We don’t have them here, but maybe you do. You can find them online on both Amazon and Vitacost. Hope that helps!

  4. 4
    Kimberlee says:

    I use the NutriBiotic brand. You can get it in liquid or tablet form. I get it at my local health food store. You can find them online on both Amazon and Vitacost. Hope that helps!

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