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The product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

If you are going to a crowded place and taking your children, it can be frightening to think you might get separated from them.  There are many products out there that can provide some measure of reassurance that your child will have the appropriate information attached to them so that you, the parent, can be found, should you be separated.  However, these tattoos from Kids Safe Ink are the first product I have seen that are not detachable.

These tattoos are super easy to use, no different from any other temporary tattoo that your child might get from a party.  Check out the instructions:

1. Pick a spot that people can see, or that your child can easily show. Try the forearm or shoulder; the shin is a great spot for kids in shorts!  (I don’t recommend the back of the hand because they come off faster when the kids wash their hands with soap and water OR antibacterial gel.)

2. Make sure the area is free of all bug sprays, and lotions.

3. Remove plastic backing, and press the sticky side of the tattoo against the clean skin.

4. Thoroughly wet a wash cloth or sponge and hold it against the back of the tattoo for approximately 30 seconds. The paper will peel off easily.

5. Allow the tattoo to dry completely before touching it, swimming or covering it with clothing (should be about 5 minutes).

6. You’re done! Now you can enjoy your day with a little peace of mind!

Plus,  I love that these tattoos are waterproof, sun-proof and kid-proof.  They easily last a day, and longer as long as you don’t scrub them off, douse them with lots of sunscreen or put them in a place where they rub against a clothing seam.

The kids love them.  They think they are getting something special when we put on tattoos.  However, what they ARE getting is my phone number (not the one shown in the picture) “written” on their skin so that if they are lost and can’t speak or don’t remember the phone number I have taught them, another person can read it and call it.

Each customized package of tattoos offers 12 tattoos. You can choose from a bird, a heart, an anchor or a star – OR choose a variety pack.  Then, send them the phone number you want added to the tattoo to make it personalized.  If you want to get creative, send them your logo and they will create a custom tattoo for your family, business or school.

I highly recommend these tattoos for parents of small children.  A little peace of mind can go a long way to making your trip to the beach, vacation in a crowded place or school field trip a little more relaxed.  What a terrific idea put into action by Kids Safe Ink.  These tattoos were the perfect thing for our trip to watch the Harlem Globetrotters in action.  There was a large crowd with lots of action.  People were coming and going from their seats frequently.  The kids wanted to go three different directions simultaneously.  A little peace of mind goes a long way.

We found these tattoos fairly easy to remove, too.  I just scrubbed it with a little soap, water and a washcloth.  It took some work, but was painless.  For a more stubborn spot, I added a little oil (you can use baby oil, coconut oil, cooking oil) and it was gone!

One package of 12 tattoos is $13.95 in Canadian dollars (US is very similar) and shipping is free to Canadian addresses.

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The product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


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