Bunny in the Moon CD from DidiPop

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Looking for a collection of songs for bedtime that is flexible enough to help with kiddos who are wound up OR kiddos who are sleepy?  DidiPop’s newest album is just the thing.  Introducing “Bunny in the Moon.”

Bath Time

All the joys of bathtime…plus a visiting doggie in the tub!

My Old Pajamas

A favorite pair of pajamas are a treasure.  It is especially nice when they get a hole and Mommy mends them!

Brush Brush

Education for kids about WHY they need to brush their teeth.

I Love You Mommy

All the reasons a kid can love her Mommy

Good Night My Love

Short and sweet…I mean really short…

Snuggles and Books

“I like snuggles and books, but mostly I like you…”

Lights Out

Everybody goes to sleep…even little bees.  Simple goodness!

Bunny in the Moon

“You can find me in your heart.  You can find me all the time.  You can find me in your dreams every night.”  A sweet, comforting song of promise.


A love song for Bukie, a special animal

Chloe in the Clouds

Musical imaginings to set your dreams off on a wonderful journey

Good Dreams Come True

A happy song!

Oceans of Love

“Dream…float into oceans of love.  I’ll be here when you wake up.  Ride along the rainbow.  Glide into a cloud.”

Cricket Alphabet

” The crickets sing your bedtime alphabet…”

Little Star

A mini-piano recital

A variety of styles, instrumentation and themes fill this album with goodness.  I especially loved hearing the kids sing parts or whole songs.  It makes this album extra special.  It may be just the ticket for your little one and your bedtime routine!

On another note, check out her “Cool Alphabet Song“.  You’ll love it!  Visit the DidiPop website where you can download this album or any of her other albums.  Plus, read her blog, watch videos and print coloring sheets.  Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for more ongoing fun and information from DidiPop.

Bunny in the Moon is available as a CD for $15 or as a digital download for $10 from her online store.

This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.



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