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I don’t know about your kids, but mine love to play games.  Board games, video games, made-up games, computer games, etc. are all acceptable to them.  If they involve learning, they are given the “two thumbs up” from this Mama.  Games are a great way to spend time reinforcing a concept learned in the classroom.  Kids don’t mind the “learning” because they are having fun. 

Lakeshore Learning offers a stunning variety of educational software for classroom or home use.  They make continued learning at home rewarding and fun. Or they allow for concept reinforcement in the classroom. Here are a few examples of what they have to offer:


Phonemic Awareness: Can Do! Reading Game Show  (Grades 1-2)

Winner of the 2013 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom from the Learning Magazine

“Children compete as contestants on the most exciting game show in the galaxy—and get the focused practice they need to master phonemic awareness! Our animated game show features level-appropriate questions that quiz students in three categories—including beginning, middle and ending sounds. Players just spin the wheel to select a category, answer a question to earn points…then unleash a hilarious surprise on the competition—like slinging pies in their faces! The game even features a friendly robot host who gives players instant feedback for every answer! With a printable assessment. For Mac/Win. “

Available for purchase as CD-ROM or digital download for $14.99 (one computer).  Other classroom options available.

Phonics Quiz Game Show (Grades 1-2)

Winner of the 2013 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom from the Learning Magazine

Phonics practice is more exciting than ever—when students compete as contestants on our interactive game show! Great for language review or extra practice, our game show features more than 200 level-appropriate questions in 12 key categories—from beginning & ending sounds to blends & digraphs. Simply divide students into teams, select your categories and let the game show begin! The game even features a lively animated host and engaging sound effects that tell contestants if they have the right answer…plus an optional timer for added challenge & excitement! Includes a printable assessment. For Mac/Win.”

Available for purchase as CD-ROM or digital download for $19.99 (one computer).  Other classroom options available.


Place Value Quick Shot!  (Grades 1-2)

 “Students shoot, score and master essential math concepts—as they race to complete challenging place value problems! This arcade-style game motivates children to solve two- and three-digit place value problems in 60-second rounds. At the end of each round, the game tallies up the score—and records children’s answers on the detailed report. Then students can trade in their tickets for fun prizes…or keep on playing & earning tickets for even better, more valuable prizes! Best of all, the software allows you to create and save files for every student in your class, so kids can return to the games and pick up where they left off—and teachers can check on their progress and scores any time! Includes printable assessments and personalized score reports. Compatible with Windows operating systems, as well as Mac OS X 10.6 and higher.”

Available for purchase as CD-ROM or digital download for $19.99 (one computer).  Other classroom options available.

Bubble Pop Interactive Math Challenge (Grades 3-4)

“Students race to solve skill-building math problems in 4 different categories by popping bubbles that show the correct answers—before they splash into the pond! To play the excitement-filled game, kids choose a category & sub-skill from the menu…then pop the correct bubbles to build essential math skills—from multiplication & division to rounding & fractions! Kids earn points to progress through 8 levels of play, and with each level they unlock, the challenge increases—along with the fun! Best of all, the game lets you create & save a profile for every student in your class, so kids can stop & start whenever they want—and teachers can check kids’ skills & scores anytime! Software includes printable assessments & personalized reports. Compatible with Windows operating systems, as well as Mac OS X 10.6 and higher. “

Available for purchase as CD-ROM or digital download for $19.99 (one computer).  Other classroom options available.


Can Do! Science Game Show on the Solar System (Grades 3-4)

“Children compete as contestants on a mad scientist’s wacky game show—and learn about the solar system! The animated game show features level-appropriate questions that quiz kids in 3 categories, including planets and moons; asteroids, comets, and meteors; and the sun. Teams simply take turns spinning the scientist’s game wheel to choose a category, then answer a question to win points for their team. Each correct answer unleashes a silly surprise on their competition—from a zap by the Super Shrinker to a visit from the gooey Slime Monster! After each game students play, the software generates a personalized score report…and includes a printable pre- and post-assessment to help you track students’ skills! Game includes 100 skill-building questions. For Mac/Win. “

Available for purchase as CD-ROM or digital download for $14.99.  Other classroom options available.

Overall, my kids loved the games.  They are fast paced and fun, but offer a good beginning place for kids who fit the grade level.  I appreciated that there were not too many places to go to avoid playing the game and just “hang out” in the game, as other games tend to offer.  I also appreciated that the games let kids repeat a level and repeat a level and repeat a level until THEY feel confident about their progress.  It kept my kids from getting frustrated.

Purchasing software games is nice because it keeps kids from being online.  The internet can be a scary place for parents to let their kids explore, so having software loaded on the computer is a much better option, in my opinion.  Plus, the kids can play these games in the car or away from WiFi sources, if necessary.  I highly recommend investing in learning and educational software for your children.  And, software is a one-time, one-fee purchase.  No monthly membership fees!

Consider using educational software as a tool for continued learning on weekends, breaks, vacations, summer time or anytime.  If your kids are learning and enjoying their learning, educational software can be a wonderful treat for them and for you!  Plus, it makes a great gift as a reward for accomplishing a major goal or finishing a major task.

These are only a few of the options available from Lakeshore Learning.  They have more than 200 different offerings in educational software available for home and classroom use.  Categories include language, mathematics, science and social studies.  Plus, you can search for titles by category, grade level, age or price.  There are so many great options to choose from!

Want to know more?  Visit a Lakeshore Learning store near you, order a catalogue or search through the amazing variety of educational resources on their website.  You may be surprised at the vastness of the resources available.  Plus, there are a variety of great resources available for free.  These include printable worksheets, awards, flashcards, craft ideas, e-cards and more!

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