Childhood Immune Support from the Experts

Because we know that viruses don’t sleep during the warmer months only to wake up during cold weather season, the Holistic Chiropractors (Dr. Tracy Wilson and Brett Jungman) at Global Health Chiropractic came up with a plan of attack to build your child’s immune systems and fight off viruses all year long.  Their suggestions are below, but I do have a couple of my own thoughts and suggestions at the end of each section …

MULTIVITAMINS provide antioxidants, bioflavonoids and primary minerals to keep every cell in the body nourished and functioning at its best.  With proper nutritional support, the cell body is able to fight off outside invaders, such as viruses and bacteria.  Not all multivitamins are created equal – be sure to choose one that is not filled with sugars and artificial colors and flavorings that put a load on your child’s liver and weaken immune defenses.  Good choices include:

My own personal notes:  A long time ago I used to use multivitamins and prenatals from non-food sources (yuck!) and even fed them to my first-born child (don’t judge). After lots and lots of research, I then switched to the best whole food supplements available, Juice Plus+.  Eventually, when I feel that my family has a hold of our nutrition (almost) 100% of the time (that means getting at least 7 servings of produce per day when healthy), I will do without any type of “multivitamin” supplementation.

OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS nourish the nervous system as well as soft tissues and mucous membranes.  They ensure proper firing of nerve messages in the case of a bacterial or viral invasion and healthy, supple membranes that are prepared to respond.  Good choices include:

My personal notes: I use fermented cod liver oil for my family.  Because a majority of the popular and respected commercial cod liver oil brands are over-processed, I highly recommend Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil.  We also use their High Vitamin Butter Oil or coconut oil when in a pinch. Believe it or not (and much to my own surprise), my picky kids actually take the liquid form of this just fine.

PROBIOTICS provide 80% of the entire body’s immune support based in digestive tract.  These beneficial bacteria are extremely efficient in targeting and destroying harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.  Poor diet and antibiotics, both prescription drugs and those contained in non-organic meat and dairy products, often weaken these “good guys”.  Good choices include:

My personal notes: I can’t praise probiotics enough.  It has “cured” many of my family’s ailments, starting from when we first found out about it with my first-born – he had horrible acid reflux and no prescription meds helped long-term.  The only effective solution was a good daily dose of probiotics.  We have tried our fair share of brands, but now stick with Organic-3 GutPro or Bio Kult.

HERBAL SUPPORT when symptoms appear provides valuable assistance in the body’s fight against invading pathogens.  Effective herbal support can include the following:

My personal notes: My kids do take Elderberry syrup when sick and as a preventative (I am currently starting to maket my own!), and I have personally taken Wellness Formula (for adults), but I also love what a good herbal tea concoction and the proper therapeutic-grade essential oil or two can do for comfort and healing.

I know it’s controversial, but I have seen first-hand what taking something like Sovereign Silver  (we took the vertical spray) or MesoSilver Collodial Silver can do.  Of course, we take minimal amounts and for a very short-term.  Last year I had some sort of ailment that was going to cost thousands to diagnose (and was most likely parasitic in nature) that was literally cured within 2 days of taking it.  Nothing else had helped thus far, and I had that painful and debilitating stomach condition for weeks and weeks prior.  My husband has also used it for an eye infection.

Last but not least, I whole-heartedly suggest making (holistic) chiropractics a part of your routine as well – they have worked wonders for my family (through good health, illness, allergies and other ailments) time and time again.

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    Janet W. says:

    Thanks for this post! It’s so important to try and keep our children healthy! Any advice I can receive for my grandsons is much appreciated, like this!

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    Daily Woman (Lacey) says:

    Great Information. I didn’t know probiotics were such an important part of the vitamin list. I will have to get some for my kids.

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