The Modern-Day Hippie Mom

When I think of a traditional hippie, I can’t help but think of progressive, Woodstock-going, tie-dye and Birkenstock- wearing individuals who loved the peace sign, protested against wearing certain (ahem) undergarments, had long hair with a center part, and loved basically anything au naturale. Of course I still see a few Birkenstocks around today, but the modern-day hippie is much different than this picture I just painted. In fact, modern-day hippies often look like “normal” people who you wouldn’t even dream of categorizing as a hippie.
Today, a “hippie” momma can be real food eating junkie who is into lacto-fermentation of vegetables, sprouting grains, growing her own organic produce, and making things from scratch. She might enjoy sewing, homeschooling, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, and nursing her baby (or two or three) well beyond the pediatrician recommended age.  She might research and be well versed in all the natural options to “modern day conveniences” – from cleaning agents to cloth diapers to birthing to “ancient” remedies – and even steer clear of vaccinations and medications.
I already do many of these things myself, so I guess I it into that category – something I never dreamed of becoming in my earlier years.  If homeschooling were an option for us, I’d do that as well.  Outdoors on a farm or ranch. In bare feet, playing in the dirt.  It’s funny how going back to doing things the way our ancestors did them is now considered sort-of “hippie-ish”.  It’s even almost trendy-ish in a way.
Are you a considered a hippie?


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    Hannah Avery says:

    Well, people don’t call me that much, but if I lived on a farm or in the country, I would probably act way more like a hippie! Right now I co-sleep, babywear, cloth diaper, extended breastfeed, had both my babies at home, hardly vaccinate, and would do more if I could.

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