Ooga-Booga Look! A Family Game

So many amazing things happen when we play games with our families.

Here is the perfect, quick, family game. Your kids will love it. And you don’t need any materials.

Gather your family in a circle with arms on the shoulders of each person on both sides. Like a huddle.

Turn your head and eyes down to the floor and have the group slowly start to walk in a circle. As you turn in a circle, everyone chants,.. “Ooga-Booga, Ooga-Booga, Ooga-Booga, Look!”

As soon as everyone says “Look”, the group stops walking in a circle and lifts their heads up to LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE EYES OF ANOTHER PERSON IN THE GROUP.

If the same two people are looking at each other, they are out of the game. Keep repeating the same steps until there are only two player left, they are the winners!

If you are playing with small children, it works better to have everyone play on their knees so that you can all be at the same height.

This is a really fun game that you can play anywhere. It is a great way to pass time too!



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    Janet W. says:

    Sounds fun! We’ll have to give this a try!

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