Made in the USA


With the unemployment rate lingering at around 7.8%, many families felt the pressure of a tight Christmas this season. If I told you that a solution to this issue could lie in your hands, what would you think? According to an ABC News report entitled Made in America, an annual purchase of $64 worth of products Made in the USA would create up to 200,000 jobs. To put that into further perspective: That figure is the equivalent of one cup of coffee at your local coffee bar each month.

In my blog, Mom in the USA, I introduce products that are made in the USA, including an HDTV. Did you know that there was a television made in the USA? Neither did I until I began doing research for my blog. I asked my husband what he would want to look for and, of course, he said electronics. Discovering the variety of products in the spectrum of categories astonishes me. They include coffee, coffee makers, clothing, shoes, school supplies, makeup, toys, furniture, even laser engraved gifts.

It astounds me how many beautiful products are made in the USA and do not appear in many big box stores. The difference that awareness of this fact makes can mean a job for several or many. Take for example a company that was mentioned on an ABC News report Christmas 2011. Since being mentioned on that report, they were able to open up nine additional stores and hire 100 seasonal employees, in addition to their 700 employees. Those jobs came as a result of consumers purchasing that company’s products, not political intervention.

Companies, such as Google and Apple, are seeing the benefits of making their products in the USA and have begun to do exactly that – make some of their products in the USA. Imagine how many jobs could be created if Google and Apple started manufacturing more of their products in the USA. Until then, how many jobs can you create?

Karina began writing her blog, Mom in the USA, to raise awareness that purchasing products that are made in the USA can create jobs in the USA. She created a job for herself when she went from nursing school to motherhood. Karina uses her life as a backdrop to incorporate the use of these products into everyday life, including raising her two kids. Every Thursday, she does a weekly wrap-up called Shop-A-Thon Thursday, in which she highlights the companies that have been added to the shopping directory on her blog. Lastly, the first Friday of every month, Karina showcases a charity as a way of giving back to the community she invites into her blogging world every day.

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