Lost? The Verizon VZ Navigator app can find you!

Not too long ago, I decided to surprise my husband with a trip to California. For his birthday he opened a card, complete with a tentative itinerary and plane tickets. We spent the next month finalizing plans together. Growing up in Southern CA, there were so many things I wanted to show him. He also had a few places that he wanted to see.

Before we left, we used Mapquest, to print out maps and directions to the places we wanted to visit. Given that they were up and down the coast, we knew we would need some help knowing where to go.

The second day of our trip we headed out to see Rodeo Drive. My husband wanted to see if it was as swanky in person as it was in the movies. We followed the printed maps exactly. Despite checking and double checking, we could not find our destination. Everything matched up, we circled around and around on the streets, and we were still lost. Instead of being surrounded by famous people, expensive store fronts and million dollar cars, we found ourselves in a very questionable part of town, surrounded by industrial buildings with barred windows and chain link fences. My husband turned to me and joked “this isn’t Kansas anymore.” As the situation got worse, I started to worry. We tried to make a few phone calls, but still couldn’t find the help we needed. If only we had a portable resource that could help us with directions. We needed a map in the palm of our hands. We need the Verizon VZ Navigator app. It would have saved us a lot of time, stress, and gas.

The VZ Navigator app by Verizon, uses real-time, turn-by-turn spoken directions with street names and true-to-life images of exit and highway signs, many in 3D. This would have been so helpful when we were lost in LA. Their maps are constantly being updated, so you know you are being given accurate directions.

The app is unique in that it uses advanced navigation instructions like traffic lights and number of streets instead of feet or meters, to provide a safer driving experience. Given that our written directions were not helping us, these types of landmarks would have been key and provided us with information about the surrounding area, which would have cleared up much of our confusion. The app also lets you choose your Route, provides information about traffic, which would have saved us time on the California freeways, and even provides business destinations, including the nearest ATM’s, gas stations (with the lowest prices), restaurants and shops.

We needed directions, and the Single Search Box and speech recognition, would have been able to get us where we were trying to go. We wasted so much time that day driving around in search of our destination. It didn’t take long to get frustrated, as our precious vacation time was slipping away. The VZ Navigator app by Verizon would have made our navigation easy and gotten us where we needed to go.

Eventually, we stopped at the friendliest looking warehouse we could find, and went in to ask directions. The man didn’t know what we were talking about or how to get there. He just kept telling us we were on Rodeo Rd. You know, Roooo-deee-oooo. “As in a Rodeo, with guys who ride horses.”

And THAT cleared things right up. There is a Rodeo Road, and a Rodeo Drive. Spelled the same, pronounced different, and worlds apart (although only 5 miles apart on land). Our directions took us to the wrong one. If only we had the VZ Navigator app, we would have known that.

As an added bonus, when we got home, I could have ALSO used the app for local traffic and weather reports, and posted location updates to Facebook.

BUY IT! The Verizon VZ Navigator app is 2 dollars a month, with the first month free! Worth every penny for peace of mind, accurate 24 hour directions and so much more. 

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This is a sponsored post. The story, and all thoughts, ideas, and opinions are mine.

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