Eco friendly ideas to stay cool this summer

It’s a commonly held misconception that living in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner must come at the expense of creature comforts. That’s just not so. One look at the shelves in just about any sort of shop will affirm that there are many high quality ‘green’ products around. These days, there’s simply no excuse for continuing environmentally unsound practices around the home. Weatherworld is well versed in providing eco-friendly air conditioning solutions for every budget.

Summertime brings with it waves of scorching heat, and sends most of the population running to the most powerfully air conditioned environment we have access to. Unfortunately, traditional refrigerated air conditioning units are awful monsters of energy consumption. But you can experience relief from the heat while not doing your bit to mash our planet. Evaporative cooling is terrifically effective, energy efficient, and provides a much more natural style of air conditioning. It’s kinder to your body, as it’s so much gentler to the air. Evaporative cooling also filters the air around you, making it the ideal choice for allergy sufferers.

There are also simple, cost-free ways you can help to protect your home against the heat. Ensuring all windows and doors are closed on hot days is essential, as is drawing all curtains and blinds. Open everything up after nightfall to allow the cooler air to permeate your home before things heat up again in the morning.  Old fashioned an approach it may be, but you’ll be surprised at just how effective it can be. And don’t forget the value of that most quaint of objects, the hand held fan! (admittedly, this may considered just a tad too effeminate for your average Aussie dude)

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