Homeschooling Through Life’s Circumstances

I don’t know about you, but my life never goes as I plan. Be it personal {I never thought I’d be a single mom for this long!}, the blog, or homeschooling, I am always running up against a wall.

This month, the wall that stopped me in my tracks is my health. I am only 32 so you would assume that I am healthy as a horse. Well, I am~ except for my back. I don’t know how I injured it, but when I did, I did it right.

On 1/29 I am going for my 2nd back surgery in two years. Yeah. It’s that bad. And me, being me, has somehow managed to make it worse. It probably had to do with the attitude I had: Well, I’m going for surgery and the doctor is going to fix it, so I can’t do any more damage, right? Wrong, obviously.

In my zeal to get the house and my 3 girls ready for my upcoming hospital stay, I may have been a bit out of control. Taking beds apart, moving dressers… Yeah, I moved a dresser. Alone. And it was full.

And, yeah,  I managed to really mess up my back.  Since New Years Eve, I have been bound to my bed.  I am unable to sit {yes, sit} because of the pain.  I have to stand or lay flat on my back.  I have also had to start taking pain pills.  Let me explain how big of a deal this is:  I was in pain for 6 months before my 1st surgery and never took pain pills.  After the surgery, I left the hospital with neither pain pills nor a prescription for any.  And, I have been in pain since the surgery and haven’t taken any pain pills~ until this month.  The pain is that bad.

So, I have been laid up for the last 2 weeks and will be for the next 2 weeks.  It’s depressing.  And boring.  And stressful.  You get the picture.  But life still has to go on.  And while my poor girls are bored out of their minds, they’re adjusting.  It’s one of those things that you just have to deal with when you’re part of a family unit.  This is life.  We all give things up for those we love but one thing that absolutely can not stop is homeschooling~ no matter how much my girls want to think we can just take a “break.”

So, what do you do when you can’t sit in a chair to school your children?

Yep, it really is that simple.  Sure, we’re not out and exploring our world~ but we’ll get to do that again.  My condition isn’t permanent.  Plus, it’s January in Pennsylvania~ no one wants to be outside anyway.

And while my poor babies are “suffering,” they’re also learning.  I hate making them feel bad, but they’re learning empathy when they see the person they’re closest to in the whole world {Mom} in pain.  They’re learning how to be more independent, because I can’t do for them like I once did.  They’re learning to serve, because the tables have turned and they’re doing more for me than I do for them.  They’re learning sacrifice, because we can no longer just run up the street for a Redbox whenever they fancy a new movie.  They’re learning how to make do, because when Mom is having a flare up at lunch time, they’re going to have to make themselves PB&J.  Again.

Even though I can’t put these lessons learned in their log book, they are lessons that each child should learn~ and the younger the better.  Because life is unpredictable and life is hard.  But, we muddle through the best we can.  And, that’s what we’re doing.  Muddling through~ flat on our backs.


Tiffany is a {normally} healthy single, homeschooling Mama to 3 amazing girls.  She blogs at Home Grown Families and spends the very few free minutes she has playing on Pinterest and Instagram.


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    I always say that the lesson homeschool has taught me and even my children the most is flexibility. You have to be flexible to be successful and to do so enjoying it! This will apply throughout their lives to so many situations as well! :) Love you pic!

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