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Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post; however all opinions are my own.

Many years ago in another life of mine, before children, in a previous marriage, I lived in Central Louisiana teaching 5 curriculum in high school and waiting tables at night.  With all this, I still made less than $15,000 per year and trying to support two adults, two dogs, three cats and over $40,000 in debt!  Shortly thereafter, we moved to New Orleans (pre-Katrina) and although our salary base increased, we were still struggling to make ends meet.

I met a girl, at my new job, that was into couponing.  Let me be a bit more clear.  This was before the “extreme couponing” craze and was a very new term for me.  What she did and the methods she practiced were new to me, but I quickly became addicted.  I was able to save so much money with my best trip dropping my grocery bill from $112.00 to $7.00!!

With all that said, couponing  is no longer simply clipping coupons on your living room floor on a Sunday afternoon like my mom did. Before I had kids, I chose to super coupon with a giant coupon book neatly organized in baseball card holders with calculator and pen in hand.

Now that the internet and e-commerce are at an all-time high and online retailers are vieing to beat out brick and mortar stores, couponing  has quickly  become an amazing resource to save money while shopping online!  There are a plethora of online coupon sites now and its hard to filter through them all to find credible sites that provide up-to-date and functional coupons. I recently discovered a site, though, that is extremely reliable and  features numerous & exceptional coupons that can save you quite a bit of money!

While shopping, have you ever noticed that most online retailers provide a field for a coupon code at checkout? Don’t you wish you had a coupon code or number? Before you buy, open a new browser window and swing over to Coupon Chief to see if there is a coupon code that you can redeem and save your wallet in the process! not only has an immense and up-to-date library of coupons, it also has several other important and enticing elements, such as:

  • Easy navigation of their website
  • Sharp website design
  • Video tutorial
  • 100,000+ online coupons including stores such as Target, Amazon and Ebay!
  • Dynamic search field that allows searching by item or specific retailer.
  • Share coupons and ratings with your friends and family

With over half a million visitors per month and over 100,000+ coupons to 30,000 stores, Coupon Chief is the premier destination to find the coupon codes for the thousands of online merchants!

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Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post; however all opinions are my own.



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    Redeem the PC Tools coupon code posted here and get 30% off all items bought online. Depending on the price of the product, this PCTools coupon code may be better than the offer for $10 in savings.

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    I love how easy it sounds. Time saving is always a big plus and shopping online with coupons is the best. I have to definitely check them out. Thanks for sharing!

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