Social Media Can Help You Stay Connected to Your Grandkids

In today’s virtual world, maintaining relationships with long-distance family members has never been easier. The once-a-year summer visit, weekly phone call, and occasional letter have been replaced by more personal interaction thanks to the Internet. Even if children live hundreds, even thousands, of miles away from their grandparents, they can maintain meaningful, intimate relationships with them thanks to this new technology. Synchronous interaction through the World Wide Web better connects kids to their grandparents in a number of ways. These new and ever-evolving technologies strengthen relationships between grandparents and grandchildren, allowing them to connect even when they are apart.

Video Chats

Phone calls have become a thing of the past thanks to video chat technology. Now, instead of picking up a phone, grandparents can call their grandchildren through their computer, allowing for a face-to-face conversation through the computer screen. With most smartphones, tablets, and computers enabled with webcams, watching your grandchildren grow and develop is possible even if you live a town, state, or country away. Just as importantly, your grandchildren can see your smiling face, allowing them to deepen their relationship with and connection to you. Video chats are a more personal interaction, one that strengthens the relationship you have with your grandchildren.


Text messaging provides instant gratification, allowing you to connect with your grandchildren throughout the day. You can send them a quick “Good morning” or ask them about their day at school in the afternoons, and they can respond promptly. If you do not get the chance to talk to your grandchildren daily or even weekly, texting can help you maintain open lines of communication with them throughout the week. This regular interaction allows you to connect with them on a more personal level, giving you the opportunity to keep up with their daily lives. Knowing the ins and outs of their lives enhances your connection, and your relationship will thrive.

Kazaana Features

Kazaana brings together these technological tools, allowing you to strengthen your relationship with your grandchildren in a number of ways. Designed just for children, Kazaana is a safe social networking site for kids and their families and, thus, the ideal interface for you and your grandchildren to interact. Within this safe, kid-friendly environment, you can connect to your grandchildren in a number of ways. You can talk with them via video chat, giving you that quality face-to-face time with your grandchildren. With the help of their parents, your grandchildren can upload photos and videos of their achievements and activities, allowing you to up to date with the important happenings in their lives. However, the advantages of Kazaana do not stop there.

Kazaana also allows your grandchildren, who are probably more technologically advanced than you are, to showcase their skills and integrate you into their social media experience. Kids like to show off and share their knowledge, and they are likely proud of their technological skills, whether they are adept at surfing the Internet, playing web-based games, sending text messages, or using apps on their smartphones. With Kazaana, your grandchildren can show you their skills, thus giving you the opportunity to connect with them over something that truly interests them. They can even help you navigate the site. By allowing your grandchildren to be your teachers, you can learn about this new technology while building their confidence.

Finally, Kazaana allows you to monitor your grandchildren’s online activity while you connect with them. With your supervision, your grandchildren can stay safe when they are enjoying social media. By interacting with your grandchildren via Kazaana, you are showing them that social media can be a family-friendly activity; it should not be one that children should hide from adult family members. Thanks to Kazaana, you can maintain your grandchildren’s online safety while strengthening your bond. Interacting in a safe, family-friendly virtual environment allows you to connect with your grandchildren via this fun, engaging virtual interface. As a result, your relationships—both online and off—will be stronger.


Staying connected to your grandchildren in this busy, fast-paced world is no easy feat. By integrating yourself into your grandchildren’s virtual world, you can interact with them in new and interesting ways. Kazaana strengthens familial bonds, allowing children to stay safe as they maintain healthy, unique relationships with their grandparents. Building a technology-based relationship with your grandchildren can serve as a catalyst for stronger, long-lasting relationships. Whether you live down the street or across the country, you can learn about your grandchildren and interact in a new way thanks to Kazaana.

Guest post was written and contributed by Jessica McGarrity for Jessica is an independent researcher and freelance writer. She has extensive experience working with social media applications designed to be used by kids. Her articles appear on numerous parenting websites and blogs.

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