Our Favorite Boy Toys! (for Toddlers and Preschoolers)

I have two boys, ages four and one. Over those four short years, we have accumulated many, many toys. I want to share my favorites with you and hopefully it will help you find toys for the boys in your life!

  • This first one isn’t really a toy at all, but they needed to be included on the list: Blankets, pillows, chairs and tables. Why? Boys can come up with lots of fun and imaginative scenes with these four things. My son loves to make forts, houses, ships and obstacle courses with these items. He can spend hours playing (on his own, or with one of us) using these four common household items. Making forts or houses really encourages a child’s creativity and imagination!
  • Ride-on toys are perfect for young boys. Whether it is a ride on toy for younger children, like the John Deere foot to floor ride on Tractor, tricycles, scooters, bicycles or even battery-operated riding toys, boys love it! They love to go, go, go! They love to ride on toys that will help them go faster! 
  • Age-appropriate puzzles are great toys for young developing minds. Sometimes boys have a hard time being still for any period of time. Directing a young boy’s attention to starting and finishing a puzzle helps them focus on being still for a little bit, but also gives them tactile interaction during that time. Puzzles also foster spatial-reasoning skills in children. So, spend a little down time helping your children learn to love puzzles!
  • Both of my boys’ favorite toy when they were really little was a ball. It is simple, but for some reason, boys love it. As boys get older, they are able to learn many different skills that involve balls. My four year old played soccer for the first time this year and he loved it! He is looking forward to playing many more sports with balls!
  • Train sets are awesome toys for ages 2 and up. I prefer the simplicity and natural qualities of wooden train sets. Our boys have a train table with two sets from Learning Curve which makes the Thomas wooden trains, tracks and sets. I love that my boys use early engineering skills when putting together their train tracks. My oldest loves to put together a track and then line the trains up to make a long train, but even my one year old loves to stand at the train table and roll trains across the tracks! Some well-known train set brands are: Thomas Learning Curve, Brio and Melissa and Doug.
  • Legos and Mega Bloks also make the favorites list because not only does my son truly love pla
    ying with them, but they are great brain-developing toys as well. They allow children to explore their creativity and imagination. They also facilitate three-dimensional thinking and spatial reasoning.
  • I remember spending long periods of time playing with wooden blocks as a kid. I loved building structures and roadways and towns. My boys also love building things with wooden blocks. The little ones will love to watch you build a short “tower” and then knock it down. This is a fun game that teaches cause and effect. The older ones will engage their creativity, hand-eye coordination and three-dimensional thinking while playing with blocks!
  • Boys like to dress-up! You may think that dress-up costumes are for girls, but think again. My older son has several dress-up costumes: super hereos, dinosuar, police officer, football player and pirate costumes. A cheap and easy way to get dress-up costumes for boy children is to buy on-sale Halloween costumes after Halloween is over. Melissa and Doug also sell many good-quality costumes for boys and girls.
  • And the last, but not least of our favorite toys are books. We read to our children every day! The benefits from reading our endless and worth it!



  1. 1

    I have three boys and I definitely agree with your list especially with the mega bloks we’ve had them since my first son was a year old that was 4 years ago and all three of them still play with them

  2. 2
    courtney b says:

    i love the pirate costume! adorable!

  3. 3
    Shannon F. says:

    That John Deere Tractor is so cute! Thanks for making a post about boy toys! Sometimes I feel like most mommy blogs are geared towards girls! Now I’m thinking of getting my son a train for Christmas… I think he’d love it!

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