Homeschool Thankfulness (Plus My Favorite Resources)

Homeschooling is hard! There is so much planning, researching, studying, talking to others, etc that goes into each and every week, just to have your carefully laid plans go up in smoke over some unforeseen glitch.

Being a single mom homeschooling girls with Special Needs, it seems that I spend more time trying to get over our latest ‘issue’ than I do actually teaching. There are weeks that we waste for no other reason than one of the girls thinks Math is stupid.  But, I am so blessed to be able to homeschool my girls and honestly love it.  And while I would have it no other way, there are several resources that I wouldn’t want to do without.


Lamp Post Homeschool Store

Harriet and Wynne~ the owners of Lamp Post Homeschool Store have been homeschooling for nearly 30 years and they have seen it all.  They have a local store if you live in PA, but they also keep all their content on their online store so you can shop anytime.

If you have a problem or a question, there is no one else I would call!  They have been working with me for over 3 years on finding the perfect curriculum to use with my girls.  Hours upon hours of conversations have taken place and they have been so gracious in giving me advice.  I will never buy anywhere else!


The Dollar Tree

Some people think that homeschooling requires hundreds of dollars in books and manipulatives but this is simply not the case~ especially in the younger grades.  I LOVE The Dollar Tree for supplies and, surprisingly, learning books.  For years, they have carried Disney Princess reading comprehension workbooks that my girls have devoured.  Short stories with comprehension questions after, the workbooks did a world of good for my girls!  Even though they’re dyslexic and have trouble reading, they are light years ahead with comprehension.  Plus, you can’t beat their prices on craft supplies.



Any Top 10 list in just about any category wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Pinterest.  The new Google, if you need it, you can find it.  I’ve found some great resources from crafts to Math printables.  I’m addicted.  I have some great resources on my ‘Homeschool Stuff‘ board so make sure you check it out!



Confessions of a Homeschooler | free preschool printablesConfessions of a Homeschooler

I totally troll Erica on a weekly basis.  I get her newsletter delivered to my e-mail~ and I read it!  I enter her giveaways and I print all her free printables.  I pin everything I can from her site.  I totally stalk her to feed my unhealthy obsession with homeschoolers that are better at their jobs than I am.

And, even though we don’t homeschool like she does {you should see her school room!  My girls can’t sit still long enough to be in one room, though} she is a great resource for all homeschoolers.  The curriculum she has written she has also used with her kids so you can see it in action before you buy.  Besides, I would rather support Christian moms than big companies.

I know it doesn’t seem like a big list, but I subscribe to the minimalist view of homeschooling.  Less is more~ especially with Special Needs children.  We use the least we can as far as materials/books go and use real life experiences to fill in the rest.  That’s the way my girls learn best and that’s the goal after all, isn’t it?


Tiffany is the single homeschooling mom of 3 girls and 1/2 of Home Grown Families.  She loves homeschooling her amazing girls and has learned so much from their natural insistence on living unorthodox lives in a cookie cutter world.  Home Grown Families is also a round peg in the square hole of blogging with a heavy focus on travel.



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    Shannon F. says:

    I never thought about checking Dollar Tree for Homechooling supplies! What a great idea! I pinned this post to save it for when I start homeschooling my baby girl. (She’s only 10 months old so I have awhile. lol) Thanks for the tips!

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    Jessica Beard says:

    Thank you for the ideas and resources!

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