Holiday Gift Guide: Two of Our Favorite Building Toys from Lakeshore Learning

Crystal Climbers

If you have a child who loves to build with blocks, legos, bristle-type blocks or other building toys, check out the Crystal Climbers from Lakeshore Learning.  These put a slightly different spin on building and construction.  With vibrant colors, a variety of shapes and a little imagination, you and your kids can build amazing things!

The day these arrived in the mail, I grabbed them and took them over to the in-laws’ house for our weekly family dinner.  (We are talking up to 25 people, including 8 kids.)  After the meal was finished, I put these on the table and asked the kids and adults to play with them.  It was AMAZING fun!  I am not sure who enjoyed them more, the adults or the kids.  It started by just building whatever, but soon we were challenging one another to build a specific object.  That became the name of the game and soon we were coming up with all kinds of crazy things to build.

This set of Crystal Climbers is so versatile.  With 170 pieces, including squares, triangles, circles and columns in four different colors, the possibilities are endless.  And, they are simple to use.  Connect each piece by sliding one slot into another.  Quick and easy!  We built animals, transportation equipment (Rockets were a favorite!), houses, people and things seen before only in our imagination.  Adults built for themselves.  Kids built for themselves.  Adults built for kids.  Kids built for adults.  Fun was had by all!  In the end, we decided that if there were that many people building, we were going to have to order at least one more set.  The Crystal Climbers have been added to our family’s list of favorites!

Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit

If you have a little person in your house who loves to build, but is not quite ready for an adult-sized hammer, table saw, etc., look into this Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit.  Each box contains a lightweight hammer, nails, glue, an instruction guide and almost 80 smooth pine pieces in a variety of shapes.  You can follow the directions included in the box to build one or more things or create your own project from your imagination.

My oldest boy, a 6-year-old, was so excited to see this when it came in the mail, that he asked to skip dinner so he could work on it.  I told him he would have to wait for Daddy to come home to help him.  Together the two of them opened the box, took everything out and created several things without gluing or nailing.  It was interesting watching them work together.  I would imagine an older child could do much of this themselves, but I recommend doing it with an adult.  It is more fun that way, there will be fewer errors and it will build a tighter bond between you!

BUY! Crystal Climbers are available from Lakeshore Learning for $9.99 (on sale from $24.99). The Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit is available from Lakeshore Learning for $29.99.

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    Love the build it yourself kit! How neat is that I think I might have more fun with it then the kids

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