Holiday Gift Guide: Classic Wooden Toys from Schylling Toys (Brio Train Set and Pull Toy)

What child does not like wooden toys?  Ah, the days when batteries were not necessary to stimulate our children, and imagination coursed through the home like electricity!  As a mother, I love and cherish toys like this, as it promotes imaginative play, but also reduces the amount of electronics, noisy toys and screen time that our children are exposed to.  We recently had the great opportunity to receive and review two toys from the Brio line of toys from Schylling Toys.

Who is Schylling Toys?  Well, as much as I could try to promote this long standing and reputable company, it is best accounted for and aptly described by its creator, Jack Schylling:
When toys are great, they are much more than just fun. They can take you on an adventure. They can teach you about new things. They can bring friends together. A great toy makes memories that can stay with you the rest of your life.

Schylling has always strived to make special toys. Toys that are beautiful. Toys that are cherished. The best toy is the toy that is passed along to a younger sister or brother and maybe even the next generation. Such toys become a shared experience that transcends time. If you ask anyone what their favorite toy was, watch them smile at the memory. 

Toys shouldn’t be complicated and they don’t have to be trendy. Toys let a child’s imagination fill in the blanks. Simple toys can be the best. I will never forget the hours spent building with basic wood blocks and how proud I felt showing my latest creation.

Toys don’t have to talk to you, and you don’t need a computer to play with them. The best toys don’t even need electricity! They are powered by hand and imagination. 

We strive to offer toys that put smiles on children’s faces – children of all ages.
We hope their joy is shared by their playmates and by the giver.

Brio is one of many lines of toys under the Schylling Toys brand, also including Lego and Fisher Price.  Brio has had a longstanding reputation for designing and producing extremely high quality and durable wooden toys for children.  BRIO is the original manufacturer of wooden trains and has been creating trains, track, and accessories since 1958.

So, as I mentioned before, we were soooo excited to receive one toy for each child to review!

First, Noah received the Brio Classic Figure 8 Train Set.  True to its word, this wooden train set is the perfect starter kit to any train set. Made of the highest quality, these trains and track are fun to play with and durable against the might of a 3 year old little boy.  Capturing the attention of a 3 year old is difficult, but designing the track on our existing train table enraptured Noah for well over an hour as he coursed the three trains around and around the track.  Eventually the train became longer as he attached more and more of our existing trains to the vibrantly colored Brio trains (as you can see in the pictures below).

The tracks easily fit together and securely fit the wheels of the trains to prevent derailment.  What a great, classic toy that every little boy should own!



Secondly, Amelia received the Brio Ant with Egg pull toy.  This hard working little friend is not only pulling his weight but an egg too! What a clever clever little toy!  Perfectly designed for the young toddler in mind, Amelia at 15 months pulled this toy around our house for as long as Noah played with his train set.  Giggles emanated throughout the house as she pulled the little ant, and the egg on her back rotated over and over on itself.  The only downfall is that after 2 weeks of play, the egg does tend to get lost amongst the plethora of toys that we have in our home since it is not secure on her back.  We have a host of wooden pull toys, as it is a love and passion of my father’s.  Papa will buy these great toys for our children at every opportunity that is presented to him and even he too got a kick out of the ant and her abilities to carry and roll her egg!

Some of the great features found on the Brio Ant with Egg pull toy are:

  • Inventive ~ The Rolling Egg on her back is truly a new concept in non-motorized toys
  • Durable ~ The ant is made of a solid wood with a black lacquered paint, so that it is not easily broken or chipped. (Good for the rough-ness of young toddlers.)
  • Developmental ~ Although not educational, this toy promotes balance and motor skills through the pulling and walking of the toy.
  • Stimulating to the Senses ~ Visually the ant is fun to look at with its bright colors, and the rolling egg is entertaining.  By touch, the antennas “boing” back and forth and the head and tail wobble.


Schylling Toys, owner of many lines of toys, including Brio, has done an amazing job at designing and constructing toys that are fun to play with, durable, and promote imagination in children.  With both of these toys, I know that my children are focusing on imaginative play instead of enduring mindless “play” with battery operated toys and television.

I have always had a high regard for the Brio brand of toys, and I am thrilled to now own two different toys for my children to play with!

BUY IT!  This holiday season, I invite you to choose durable wooden toys over plastic battery-operated toys for your children.  And as a train set is the perfect Christmas present, why not bring the Brio Classic Figure 8 Set into your home?  It can be purchased from the Schylling Toys website for $49.99.  As a starter set, though, the possibilities of expansion are numerous, including the Brio Classic Deluxe Set Pine Box and the Brio Metro Railway Set!

The Brio Ant with Egg wooden pull toy can also be purchased from the Schylling Toys website for $24.99. Some of the other great wooden toys designed for the younger toddler include the Brio Toddler Wobbler and the Brio Stacking Clown.  Safety first for your children!  How much safer could you get than when its wooden?


CONNECT!  Brio is considered one of the most reputable distributors of wooden trains and toys on the market.  Make sure to stay in touch with all the new and exciting happenings that they have to offer!

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    Very cute toys!

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    Shannon F. says:

    I just love wooden toys and I’m so glad to see them on so many holiday gift guides this year! That train is seriously so adorable, I would really love to get one for my son!

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    Jessica Beard says:

    I love the wooden train for my toddler. Perfect size for him.

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