10 Fun Gifts for the Photographer in your Life!


I love photography!

The bug hit me when I was little ~ my mom was constantly behind the lens!

Now I have ventured into the business side of photography and love all the new fun gadgets and toys that are out there!

Do you have a photog in your life?  Amateur or Professional….here are some inventive gifts that you can give them for Christmas!


1) Camera Straps

* Standard camera straps are functional, but not fun!  Click on these fun camera straps to upgrade and stylize your shutterbug!


                                                                                                                                   For Women

                                                                                                                                          For Men

2)  Camera Bag

       * This is another standard and boring item.  Jazz it up!  Get them out of the funk of a blah black bag and upgrade them into style!


*I own an Epiphane bag and love it! Worth the investment!


* I have friends who own this bag and LOVE it!

3) Jewelry

     * I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I adore simple and statement pieces.  Let everyone know that your photog bug is just that with these fun accessories!

4) Apparel

    * What is the easiest way to market your shutterbug?  Wear your profession and draw attention!

5)  Lenses

      * The ever coveted lenses.  Kit lenses can be the worst. I was lucky to get a nice one with my camera body.  There is always the need and desire to upgrade.  Here are some of the best lenses that you can buy for your photographer.  NOTE: I shoot Nikon, thus the selection of lenses below.

The 50 mm / 1.4f

* Creates that awesome Bokeh effect in the background of closeup images

85 mm / 1.8f

* Great for portrait photography

80-200mm ~ Long Range Lens

6) Lens Baby Fisheye Scout

     * Fisheye lenses are EXPENSIVE! Here is an cheaper alternative that allows the photographer to still play with that artsy bending feel!

7) Bokeh Masters Kit

     * Bokeh is the effect of blurred lights or images in the background of a picture.  This kit bends light, which can create a FUN twist to your standard picture!  I really want this!!!

8) Lens Mug

      * Does your photographer also love coffee like me?  Available in Canon and Nikon, a Lens Coffee Mug is a fun and perfect gift that is affordable!! (Amazon Affiliate link)

         Yes…I want this too!

9) USB Ports

    * I know this isn’t the first thing that you think about as a gift, but the pictures have to go somewhere!  Consider these unique USB ports for your photographers images!

10) The Serious Gift: The Gift of the Protection of Rights

           * This white balance card set allows you to wear your photography rights around your neck while you’re out shooting, and can be easily shown to anyone who challenges your legal right to photograph

I hope this gives you some ideas that are fun and unique for the shutterbug in your life!

Melanie is the owner of Melanie Melugin Photography, LLC based out of North Dallas. She is a natural light outdoor lifestyle photographer that has a wide variety of clients ranging from newborn and children to celebrity and weddings.  She travels the country capturing lifestyle portraiture and was recently featured on Mardel.com for her newborn photography.

Please feel free to visit her at her website, meluginphotography.com, her blog, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter!



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    These are great! I love the bracelet and the cup very unique

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    courtney b says:

    i really want a jo tote!

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    Thomas Murphy says:

    These are all awesome! I love the Camera Straps

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    Cathy Shaw says:

    I think I’ll send this link to DH — because I’m the photographer in his life and I love some of these items!

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    Great gift ideas! I love the USB drive and the “shoot like a girl” bracelet. Cute, cute!

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    Šimon Slávik says:

    Well i like that bracelets, t-shirts and USBs.

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