PigTail Cable Label (**GIVEAWAY** – 10 Winners)

Do you ever get really frustrated trying to figure out which cord belongs to which implement, and end up unplugging (and replugging) the wrong thing repeatedly?  Do your office outlets look like black and grey spaghetti gone awry?  Yeah.  Mine, too….until now.  Introducing PigTail Cable Labels, a simple solution for frustrated people. 

PigTail Cable Labels are easy to use and make organizing quick and painless.  Write on the label, attach it to the PigTail and attach the PigTail to the appropriate cord or cable.  It’s that simple.  I used mine to help decipher which cord belonged to which plugged-in implement.  That way, when I need to unplug them, I don’t have to shake them, trace them from the machine to the plug or just unplug everything in an attempt to figure it out!  So much easier!  The second box I was given, I used to label the cords for our cameras.  We have several digital cameras of various makes and models and the cords all look the same to me, but they aren’t.  Now, I can just pick the appropriate cord off the hook without trying them all!  What a time and hassle saving device!

PigTail Cable Labels are available in pink, white, grey and green.  The pink really stands out against a sea of black and gray cables and is, therefore, my preferred color choice.

I found the PigTails easy to use.  They are made of flexible plastic or rubber (I am not sure which) and are easily adjusted to cables of various diameters.  I appreciated their flexibility as initially I thought they might be the kind of thing that would hurt my fingers if I had to work with them for very long.  Not so.  The provided labels are a little large for the space, in my opinion, and took several tries to get onto the Pigtail in any manner of straightness so that there was no label hanging over the edge.  A slightly smaller label might be easier to apply.  Overall, I think these are a terrific solution for managing the overabundance of cables that plagues so many of us!

Product Description (from the company):

Pigtail Cable Label is used to identify cords and cables. It is the perfect accessory for mobile phone and tablet chargers by taking the guesswork out of which cord/cable is supposed to be paired with which device, and eliminates arguments between siblings about who a specific charger belongs to.

BUY!  Available from Simple Solutions, a 4-pack is $4.29, a package of 50 is $25 and a package of 100 is $48. Use promo code “3990” for a 15% discount on product and shipping until 12/15/2012.

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