OzoKidz (**GIVEAWAY**)

Music lyrics are a terrific medium for teaching kids facts while having fun!  Ozomatli’s newest album, OzoKidz, is a terrific example of learning fun!  Filled with science facts, learning, and fun upbeat music, this album will get you and your kids up and moving while singing about trees, the sun and moon, water, spelling, and more!  I love music with a purpose!  Check out these terrific songs…


All the elements that make a tree grow: seed, soil, sun, rain, flowers, bees, birds…

Moose on the Loose

What happens when you are out camping and there is moose on the loose?

We are the OzoKidz

Rock with the OzoKidz!  What parts does this band have?  An introduction.


Germs are everywhere and they gobble up nutrients and energy.  Filled with facts and information, even I learned something!

Like It’s Your Birthday

A fun musical celebration of a birthday!  This song is worth buying the whole album!


There are so many ways to exercise!  A fun list…

Balloon Fest

Musical instructions for having a balloon fest!

Sun and Moon

Lots of facts about the sun, moon and stars packed into one fun song!  This is the one that stuck in my head all day!


There is nothing to fear in the water…so jump into the water!

Let’s Go to the Movies

Tickets, popcorn and friends equal fun at the movies!


“I know my life’s complete when I got a skateboard under my feet!”


Salt water, fresh water, tap water, rain water, glaciers, geysers, marine layer…  “Water here, water there, water everywhere!”  (Did you ever think you would hear the words “water crystal cohesion” in a song?)  This is definitely my favorite song on the album!


Spelling words to music is fun!


It is all in Spanish, so I have no idea what they are singing!  (Except for the part about “Dance, dance monkey pants!”)  Ha, ha, ha!

Ozomatli is a group with a long history of great music. 

“Ozomatli has spent 15 years working diligently to spread its message of peace, communication and understanding through music, with a long standing tradition of performing for children all over the world, from the schools of North St. Louis to the orphanages of Southeast Asia. 2011 has the band focused on “oZoKidZ”, a special family friendly set geared towards performing for children and adults alike.” 

Check out more of their bio here.

So, you think you want this album?  I know you will be excited about this special offer from the producer:

Our Ozokidz album will be in stores on Tuesday, September 25th, and we can’t wait for you guys to hear it!

Not only will you have new music, if you purchase the Ozokidz album at participating independent record stores, you will receive a FREE Ozokidz chalk box that includes a link to the bonus track, “Vamos A Cantar.”

Even better, with the chalk box you’ll be able to participate in the Ozokidz Chalk art contests! All you have to do is recreate the Ozokidz album cover art on your driveway or sidewalk. OR for the bonus prize, you can create a visual representation of the bonus track “Vamos A Cantar,” using the Ozokidz chalk. Send us photos of your artwork and we’ll pick the best ones. Winners will receive an Ozokidz prize pack! Send photos to ozofans@gmail.com. When sending photos, please include the Ozokidz chalk box in the photo.

For a list of record stores participating in the chalk box giveaway, please visit: www.recordstoreday.com

Be sure to call the store ahead to confirm they have the items!

This album is becoming a favorite in our household.  I know it could become one in yours, too.  Don’t forget that Christmas is right around the corner.  Music makes great gifts!  Happy listening!

BUY IT!  On iTunes, individual songs are $.99 each or download the entire album for $9.99.  Or you can buy the CD on Amazon for $9.99 or the downloadable version for $9.49 (individual songs are $.99 each).

CONNECT!  Find Ozomatli on Facebook and Twitter.


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