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My family has played Cranium (R) in the past, but the kids get frustrated quickly and we end up modifying the rules dramatically to make it possible for them to join us.  So, when I heard about Morphology Junior, I was excited to try it out.  Morphology Junior is a “hilarious guessing game where creativity wins!”  It is recommended for ages 8 and up, but we found that kids as young as 6 can do well with some help.

Morphology Junior is played using a variety of provided pieces (lots of SMALL pieces).  Each word card provides the option of an easy word or a hard word.  The Morphologist is responsible for using the provided pieces to create a scene (almost a diorama) to communicate their word.  There is no spelling, speaking (except the one instance when you are allowed to make noises) or acting out words.  This is not charades.  However, you can use the provided little wooden people to set up a scenario or demonstrate an action.

One of my favorite things about Morphology is that it is ALLERGEN FREE.  This may not make any sense to you, but play dough, included in some other similar games, contains wheat, which is a NO-NO in our house.  And, by having wheat-based dough in the game, the other pieces get contaminated quickly.  It is really distracting, especially when you have thumb-sucking and nail-biting children who are allergic to wheat.  But, I digress…

While playing Morphology Junior with my children and extended family, I learned a few things that I wanted to share with you.

  • A word may seem to be easy, but sometimes it is not as easy to convey as you might think.
  • It is amazing how quickly some words are “figured out” by kids and adults, alike.
  • Some words, categorized as easy, are a mystery to a 10-year-old.
  • It is amazing how much “itching” looks like “grating cheese” when acted out, using the provided pieces, by a child.
  • Peeling a banana is hard to describe, using the provided pieces, even for adults.
  • You can laugh hard enough to cry while playing this game.

Our family LOVES this game.  My kids ask to play it often.  We can play with 4 people or more, but more is more fun!  Even 95-year-old Great-Grandmas can play this game and enjoy it.  (I have to say that watching her try to create words was more fun than watching the kids.)

Morphology Junior is also available in a slightly different form as Morphology, recommended for players ages 13+.

Playing games together creates bonds and inside jokes that will live in infamy.  Only those who were playing at the time will understand and laugh at the joke.  I love it when that happens.  You can never spend too much time investing in your kids.  They don’t need fancy vacations or expensive toys, they just need time with you!  Morphology or Morphology Junior would be a great reason to play together.

In the short time it has been on the market, Morphology has received national attention. In 2011, Morphology was a Dr. Toy Top Vacation Products award winner and a Readers’ Choice Award for Best Party Game. It was named as the Game of the Year by both Durango Toy Store, Durango, CO, and the Timberdoodle Company, a company specializing in the home school market.  TIME Magazine named Morphology #2 on their list of the “Top Ten Toys of 2010.” In addition to the TIME Magazine recognition, Morphology was also named as one of the Chicago Tribune’s “Top Ten Games to Get a Party Started.” This followed the November 2010 release of GAMES Magazine’s annual ranking of the Top 100 best board games, where Morphology was selected as one of the top six nominees for “New Party Game of the Year.”

Christmas is coming.  Why not invest in your family with Morphology or Morphology Junior (or other similar games)?  You won’t regret it!

BUY IT!  Morphology retails for $24.99 and Morphology Junior retails for $29.99.  Both are available online or at your local Barnes & Noble, Marbles or Books-A-Million locations nationwide.

CONNECT!  Find Morphology Games on YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter.  Get to know more about the product and have fun playing their daily guessing games on FaceBook.  FREE shipping to anyone who “likes” them on FaceBook.


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