Learn How to Control Asthma the Fun Way

If you have a child with asthma, Lungtropolis is the web site to visit together. Lungtropolis® is a free interactive web-based learning game created to help children ages 5-10 control their asthma. Lungtropolis® Parents is a companion site that offers caregivers comprehensive information and resources to understand and help manage a child’s asthma.

I have asthma, although slight, I still suffer ~ at times worse than better.  Then there is Noah.  Noah is 3 and currently does not have asthma, BUT at the young age of 7 weeks old contracted RSV.  This viral infection of the lungs severely compromised the functionality of his lungs and therefore has been extremely susceptible to other lung disorders, such as bronchitis and pneumonia.  With this diminished lung capacity and the genetic disposition that he has from me and my side of the family, Noah is at great risk to contract asthma, as I did, as an adult ~ if not younger.

In visiting Lungtropolis® , I found the user interface quite easy to use, fun and extremely educational.  Developed by ORCAS ~ a healthcare technology company that creates self-management programs to improve physical and emotional well-being. ORCAS brings over 20 years of experience combining behavioral science with state-of-the-art technology to create a simple, social, and fun experience for the user. All ORCAS programs undergo scientific studies to validate the effectiveness. Their mission is to create a culture of health, one person at a time.

On the Lungtropolis® site, there are two main avenues in which to visit ~ Lungtropolis and Lungtropolis Parents.  So let’s visit each one :)

Lungtropolis®  is geared for children between the ages of 5 and 10 to play, while learning to control their asthma. The city of Lungtropolis is under attack from the mucus mob, and it’s up to your child to save it by joining as an asthma control agent for the Asthma Control Agency ! When kids visit Lungtropolis, they become asthma control agents and conquer the mucus mob. While playing, they watch videos and get helpful tips to learn how to control their asthma.

The animation is quite fun, reminiscent of some of the superhero shows that we used to watch as kids with a twist of science :)

Visual representations of what is aching their lungs are featured in cute images like these ~ This is lungtropolis before and after the mucus invaded the city!


Kids will be guided step by step through Asthma Agent Training and be quizzed on what they have learned to a specific point.

Children will then be asked a series of questions about their own asthma to rate as to the level of control that the child has of their own asthma.  Questions are such as “Did you wake up coughing of wheezing last night because of your own asthma?”

Once complete, children will earn training cards that can be accumulated during mission completions and will be saved upon registering with the site.

An example of a mission that is to be completed is to destroy Mr. Constrictor. This is done by answering a series of questions related to asthma and furthers the knowledge of your child’s education on their disorder.

With games to play, with goals to achieve, videos to watch and cards to obtain, this is such a fantastic resource for parents and children to share.  Did I mention, too, that this is all FREE?  Amazing!

The next site to visit is Lungtropolis® Parents. Much less animated, the graphics are still amazing, easy to read and chock full of information!

Ranging from basic information regarding asthma, symptoms and management to checklists that are imperative in creating and sharing with your healthcare provider. Asthma and asthma management can seem like a daunting and overwhelming issue, especially when dealing with childhood asthma, but using tools such as are provided on the Lungtropolis® website makes it seem a lot more manageable.

As an asthma sufferer and mother of 2 that are predispositioned for it, I feel as if education on asthma can never start too early!  I was highly impressed by the level of development of the Lungtropolis® program and its free delivery to the public.  Make sure to share with your family and friends who suffer from asthma, no matter the degree of severity!

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