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Can you name the 8 parts of speech?  Do you know the difference between a noun and a pronoun?  What about a verb and an adverb?  What is a conjunction?  An interjection?  A preposition?  If you don’t know or are not sure, Grammaropolis is for you.  (Even if you know all this already, you will love this album!)  Whether you are a teacher, a parent, a homeschool family or a student, everyone can benefit from this groovy, grooving learning tool.

Grammaropolis is a “multi-platform educational company that uses the parts of speech as animated characters starring in songs, books, games and videos.”  Using fun characters, lively interaction, great music and sneaky scenarios to get you thinking, learning grammar (and remembering it) has never been so fun!  It even helped this old dog learn a new trick or two!

The CD

Starring Nelson the Noun, Roger the Pronoun, Jake the Adjective, Benny the Adverb, Lil’ Pete the Preposition, Vinny the Action Verb, Lucy the Linking Verb, Connie the Conjunction, Izzy the Interjection, and Slang

The songs in the album introduce kids to each of the parts of speech using a variety of genres and song styles.  The song titles include:


Listening in on a “family reunion”

Welcome to Grammaropolis

Linking verbs, transitive verbs, Mello Yello and Jello…all in the same song!  An introduction to all the different kind of words…


Fish and ponds, drums and gongs, guitars and songs are all nouns in this song, sung in a funky, groovy style!

Noun Town

Groove about all the different kinds of nouns… This is the song that best accompanies the book “Nelson the Noun”.


Broadway style music is the setting for this action packed song that leads directly into the next one.

Lights! Camera!! Action Verb!!!

 This one had me chuckling…  a noun too scared to take action?  I love the way they use the music to illustrate the action they are singing!


Blue, red, alive or dead…

Paint the Way

An adjective will set you free!


You don’t have to run the risk of more sit-ups if you know your adverbs.

Do You Qualify?

I’ll describe how you do something…tenaciously!


Gabby Verbose leads a discussion regarding slang and it’s influence on youth culture.  Humorous!

Let’s Get Groovy, Baby

“Sometimes talking wrong is cool.  Sometimes there are just no rules…in English”

A terrific song that makes fun of slang and its ridiculous tendencies.


So misunderstood…poor pronouns!

I Got the Blues

“I want to function by myself, do want to need nobody’s help”…especially antecedents!  Very blues-y!


Oh the drama!

It’s How You Feel

The words you use to express your feelings are frequently interjections with inflections…

Reminds me of 90’s music!


Introduction to prepositions…leading into the next song…

A Merit Badge is Just Like a Cat

 Did you know there was a Grammar Scout Merit Badge?

Placing things in time or space or showing a logical relationship is the job of prepositions.  Did you know that?


A list of conjunctions…

Let’s Bring It All Together

Join your words and phrases as one with conjunctions!

Word Out

A final word from the Mayor of Grammaropolis and Dr. Noize…and some kids!

By the time you get to the end of the CD, you will have learned a thing or two, tapped your toes, wanted to get up and dance and sung along with the lyrics.  The songs are filled with information and learning opportunities. You might be concerned that an album wholly devoted to grammar would be boring.  There is no boring on this album!  Dr. Noize, the Mayor and their pals make learning fun!   You might even find yourself humming one of these songs later in the day.  That’s not boring.  That’s fun and funky learning!

The Book

“Nelson the Noun”, Book #2 in the Parts of Speech Series

Did you know that there were multiple kinds of nouns (meaning not just nouns and pronouns)?  Yeah, me neither.  But, now I know!  Collective nouns, concrete nouns, abstract nouns, compound nouns, proper nouns and common nouns are all sub-categories of nouns that this book describes.  And, the book makes it fun and easy to remember with words and pictures as examples in the story.  I love the part of the story where Nelson the Noun realizes that he is no good without the other parts of speech.  At the end of the book is included a noun review, noun journal, crazy noun story and coloring page.

The Website/Curriculum

(From the publisher) Today, hundreds of teachers in dozens of states and 15 countries are using Grammaropolis in the classroom, and parents and kids everywhere are discovering how much fun it is to explore the different “neighborhoods” of Grammaropolis. The CD has won national awards and acclaim, plus top 10 rotation on SiriusXM satellite radio’s national “Kids Place Live” show.

Grammaropolis offers an amazing array of tools to help you or someone you love learn about grammar.  The music is fun, the books are great and the website offers all kinds of learning tools.  What a terrific resource!

BUY!  The Grammaropolis CD is available for download from Amazon for $8.99 or 99 cents per song OR iTunes for $9.99 or 99 cents per song.  Books are available for $4.99 each, with Nelson the Noun and Vinny the Action Verb & Lucy the Linking Verb being the only ones available at this time.

Online subscriptions to the world of Grammaropolis are $3.99 per month, $19.99 per year or $39.99 for a lifetime membership.  This includes access to 8 parts of speech, 20 animated shorts, 9 animated music videos, 28 different quiz categories, 9 illustrated book and 5 student accounts with SmartBoard Compatible Content (great for classroom teachers).

You can also check out great Grammaropolis Gear in the Grammaropolis Shop.

CONNECT!  Find Grammaropolis on FaceBook and Twitter.


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