DIY Batman and Robin Halloween Costumes

DIY Batman Cape

I only received my sewing machine in December and am determined to teach myself how to sew!

Not that there is anything wrong with buying store costumes for Halloween, but I was the girl who always had the most awesome homemade costumes and I want to pass that down to my children.  I want their Halloween costumes to be memorable and a part of the stories that are passed onto their children.

With that said, Noah is nearly 3 and is in love with his superheroes, specifically Batman at the present moment.  So, with a Batman birthday party on the horizon for November, it was only suitable to make a Batman costume for Noah for Halloween.  As far as Amelia, I wanted something to correlate as well as unique.  Catwoman is expected, Robin is not.  That was my answer.

So, for Noah, I designed and made a durable double sided scalloped cape that is lined in a black polyester and the lining is a Batman print that I found at Hancock Fabrics in their remnants!

DIY Batman Cape

I measured Noah’s wingspan and the length from his neck to the bottom of his feet and cut a half moon to create the general shape of the cape.  Then I cut scallops into the fabric.  I did the same thing with the Batman fabric.  I then sewed the pieces together, used extra fabric to create handles and then designed and stitched on a Batman logo….triple layered.

DIY Batman Cape

Finally, working with my minimal abilities, I create a horseshoe collar with velcro so that he can take it on and off as he pleases.

DIY Batman Cape
DIY Batman Cape

DIY Batman Cape

As for my daughter Amelia, I haven’t quite finished hers up yet, but her costume is being designed from Robin.  Her costume will feature an extremely full tutu that comes from her waist to the floor.  Using 8 yards of hunter green and gold tulle, I designed this great girly tutu to represent his tights. For the belt, I hand-stitched small yellow flowers around the midsection with one large yellow sunflower to reflect his belt buckle.

I then am taking a red shirt (12m) and stitching an R, with three gold bars across the chest.

Then, I bought hunter green spandex to make arm sleeves.

Finally, I will construct a yellow and black cape to match Noah’s with a matching hair bow to tie it all together.


Good luck in your DIY Halloween Costumes!


Melanie Melugin

Melanie is the owner of Melanie Melugin Photography, LLC based out of North Dallas. She is a natural light outdoor lifestyle photographer that has a wide variety of clients ranging from newborn and children to celebrity and weddings.  She travels the country capturing lifestyle portraiture and was recently featured on for her newborn photography.  She also has a blogFacebook and Twitter.





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