It’s Like Butter, Baby! (Chicago Cutlery **GIVEAWAY** + Recipe)

When I first announced my ambassadorship from Chicago Cutlery, I mentioned that I finally had a good set of sharp, professional quality knives.  It was love at first sight when I laid eyes on my sleek Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Knives.  And since then I have learned that they are impressive in more ways than in their gorgeous appearance.  They are designed to perform, and that they do!  I mean what knife do you have in your kitchen that can easily cut through an avocado pit?!?!?  Yes, mine did. Without even trying.

I love how each knife is weighted and well balanced.  How easily and cleanly the elite Japanese steel blades slice through just about anything frozen or fresh or thawed produce and meats.  How finely the knives can dice even the smallest foods precisely and effortlessly.  How they help even the ripest of tomatoes or avocados and the softest of breads retain their shape when cut. The 8-inch Chef knife makes cutting through the rind of a watermelon cakewalk – like cutting through butter.

The innovative grip guides (the natural indentations along the sides of the knives where your thumb should be positioned) save time and all the guesswork out of proper grip for maximum control and correct cutting technique.  Because the grip guides are on both sides of the knife, left or right-handed individuals can use it with equal ease.  It’s not normally where I would hold a knife, and perhaps that’s something that has been hindering my cutting abilities all this time.  In the process of cutting, I often become lazy and forgetful of the proper grip (yes, even with the guides), so having the laser-etched dots on the guides is good for constantly reminding me.

In my introduction earlier this month, I also mentioned my unfortunate accident and how I feared using the 5-inch Scalloped Utility knife.  Since then, I have used that particular knife exactly twice.  I am improving but still lacking the confidence with that knife.  In fact, I am still a bit nervous and have (minor-ly) nicked my fingers both times I have used it.  I think that knife is out to get me, because I don’t have any of these issues with the other 2 knives!

My favorite knife is the 5-inch Partoku.  The blade is perfectly shaped for just about anything I challenge it with.  Plus, I love having the wideness of the blade coupled with the built-in Granton edge to scoop up the foods I cut.

After these weeks of use, I am slowly but surely improving my chopping strokes and confidence in my knife skills:

  1. I am big on muffin tin style lunches and make my son’s school lunches with fun and cute elements on a daily basis – this is a practice that would take much longer with my old knives. These knives have made each cut faster, easier and more accurate.
  2. I can chop an onion faster than it can affect my eyes.  I usually start to cry at about the 3-minute mark and these knives make the slicing of an onion extremely fast and easy.
  3. Dishes that require a lot of vegetable chopping – like Asian lettuce wraps, stir-fry and boga na yama (a Kenyan dish my husband loves to prepare) – are not so time consuming any more!

And who needs a mandolin slicer to cut perfectly thin and even slices of beets for homemade baked beet chips?  Not me!  My Partoku knife works beautifully.  Here’s the fast and easy recipe for you:


  • 3-6 beets of varied colors (I prefer the golden variety)
  • sea salt to taste
  • garlic powder to taste
  • 2-3 teaspoons of EVOO

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Carefully use the 5-inch Scalloped Utility knife to peel the washed beets.  With the Partoku knife, slice the beets into thin and even slices (about 1/16 inch thick).  (I like using the Partoku knife for slicing because I get the most even chop.)  Put the beet slices in a bowl and pour in the EVOO.  Coat each slice lightly, then place in a single layer on baking sheets.  Sprinkle with garlic and sea salt. Bake uncovered for about 10-25 minutes, watching carefully to make sure the slices don’t burn.  The chips will be done when they lighten in color and the edges are slightly dry.  (At this point, they will not be crispy yet.)  Cool on a wire rack.  Enjoy the crisp, sweet but salty goodness of a healthified chip!

Experience the superiority of these knives for yourself by winning an 8-inch Chicago Cutlery DesignPro Chef Knife (Retailed at $34)!


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