Eating Healthier in THE Season of Food

It’s that time of year….Fall.  How many American families does Fall = Football, Family and Food?

Well, two of the three are true for our household and with the excessive amount of food and sweets that we are inundated with, we can make a conscious choice to make healthier choices.  Now, I know that any nutritionist would have my head, but I’m not the best about eating healthy, but I believe that sweets can be indulged in if eaten in moderation.  I am a choco-holic!  I can’t ever give it up completely!

We have two small children and I was adamant about preparing all of their first and second foods from scratch….organic scratch.  Why not practice these healthy habits for myself and my husband as well?  We can.

At church over the last few weeks, we were in a series called “I DARE YOU” based on biblical principles.  On one of these weeks, they dared us to make a healthy change in our lives.  Nothing drastic, but just healthier than we currently were.  1 Corinthians says “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” Well….I guess it’s time to make that change.

Understand that just because I say that we should eat healthy doesn’t imply that we need to diet or lose weight.  I am one of the lucky ones with a high metabolism, but eating hamburgers and french fries are still terrible for my sodium, thus my heart, and my cholesterol. Thus a healthier change is required.

Here are some ways that we have made subtle changes and tricks that I believe will be drastic changes in our longterm health.

* Prepare a meal plan (even if its simple) for the week.  Use healthy websites such as and the Mayo Clinic.  Another great resource that I have been acquiring meal ideas from is Pinterest!  I’ve used Pinterest for many things, but only recently have been pinning and actually making healthy recipes and snacks from it!  Here is my Pinterest Eating Healthy link :) 

* Be deliberate and cognizant of what you are eating and drinking.  Why buy non-organic milk (or organic fruits and vegetables) when you know it’s better for your family?  We are lucky enough to have a Braum’s somewhat close to us. Since the farms are only in Oklahoma, the amount of preservatives is very low.  Also, their cows are grass fed and not treated with hormones.  Therefore, although they do not carry the organic seal, they are considered all natural for a low price of $2.89 a gallon! Wow.  I understand that it is more expensive to eat organic, but what other elements in your life could you trim that are not beneficial to your health? Examples would be unhealthy food, unnecessary dining out, trimming the cable bill, renting movies, and on and on. The sacrifice IS worth it.

* Substitute or hide veggies into other dishes.  Some great books that supply recipes for you are The Sneaky Chef and Deceptively Delicious.  Some of the easiest things that I’ve found to do is puree broccoli and add it to my pasta sauce and adding tofu to scrambled eggs.  No one ever knows it is there!

* Buying canned vegetables instead of fresh? Then look for the cans that are noted with “No Salt Added” ~ These cans carry around 60mg of sodium, where conventional canned vegetables have 200-400 mg!

* Can’t cook?  Please!  Look up healthy crock pot recipes ~ Throw it in the crock pot and 6 hours later you have dinner!

* Eat what you feed your children.  How many of us are guilty of making our children eat their vegetables, yet we have none on our own plates?  I am. Children watch and learn from your behavior, so although you may make them eat healthy, more than likely, their eating habits will mirror yours as they become older.

Have any other ideas?  Make sure to leave a comment!

Happy Eating!



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