Blue Marble Body Care: Good Enough to Eat (**GIVEAWAY**)

If you follow my blog, Going Green with Noah, or have even followed the posts and reviews that I have written for A Nation of Moms, you will know my story.  For those that haven’t, here is a quick synopsis.

Three years ago, my husband and I were expecting our first child, Noah. Prior to becoming pregnant, neither of us really took any notice to the foods we ate (outside of the “yes I try to eat healthy” foods) or the products that we put on our bodies.  After becoming pregnant, I began to do research and it drastically changed the course of our lives.  We learned of the hormones, the preservatives, the toxins, the synthetics and all of the other harmful things that were being infused into our everyday foods and skin care products.  This quickly changed for this Melugin household!  We literally gutted our pantry and our bathroom cabinets and re-shopped for the entire home, paying extra care in reading the labels on everything we purchased.  If there were ingredients that we did not recognize, or couldn’t pronounce, we would research it prior to purchasing……good thing too!

Founded by Mother of 5, Elaina Watkins, Blue Marble Body Care is a family brand of bath and body care products made with natural and organic ingredients. After hearing Elaina’s story, I found that her story was much like ours, except that the circumstances were much more drastic and chronic. Elaina and her family also encountered the same research and mind-blowing facts that the general public is either ignorant or oblivious of.  As did we, she and her family chose to change as well.


Developing a line of all natural and partially organic skin care products that were free of synthetic and toxic ingredients, Blue Marble body care, uses skin food ingredients that are also healthy for our insides.

Read through those ingredients and tell me that you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce their names.  As an example, rummage through your bathroom cabinets and read a handful of labels.  How many times do you see the word “fragrance” used?  Even on baby products, this is used as an ingredient.  Fragrances are not regulated by the FDA and can include up to 4,100 stock chemicals. On May 14th, the Environmental Working Group released a report entitled, “Not So Sexy:  Hidden Chemicals in Perfume and Cologne.” In this report, it is stated “the average fragrance product tested contained 14 secret chemicals that are NOT listed on the label.  Among them are chemicals associated with hormone disruption and allergic reactions, and many substances that have not been assessed for safety in personal care products” (CSCEWG).  Do you really want to use a branded body care product that uses these toxins simply to smell clean and fresh?

What if I found another way?

After receiving and using two different bars of soap from Blue Marble Body Care, I can stand behind an all-natural alternative that smells even better!   Having received lavender and oatmeal as the first bar and rosemary as the second, I was in heaven……these are my two favorite scents in the world!   I grow both of these in my backyard and LOVE them.  Rosemary is even incorporated into the logo of my photography business!

When I opened the package, the aroma was amazing. My one year old even tore open the box and ran off with one of the bars trying to eat it! LOL.  All of the ingredients within these bars of soap are all-natural ….. actually found in nature!  Saponified organic oils of palm, coconut, olive and palm kernel, lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil, organic rosemary, organic oatmeal…..  AMAZING. Tell me the last time you found sodium lauryl sulfate naturally in the environment.  Exactly!

These bars of soap did not leave our skin feeling dry and tight after getting out of the shower, as other soaps do. The fragrance of the lavender and rosemary made our bathroom spa-esque and created a temporary oasis away from the children.  I adored these soaps and am really excited to try more products from Blue Marble Body Care!  I also suffer from slight eczema and these soaps did not irritate nor exacerbate that condition.  I was truly impressed!!

Another great attribute of this company is their website!   There, you can find their body care blog, but the most exciting for me was their body care tutorials that teach you how to make body care products using ingredients from your own kitchen!  Here is one sample from their website ~ A recipe for facial toner:


BUY IT!  Blue Marble Body Care skin care products can be purchased on their website with a wide range of scents of all natural bar and liquid soaps. They are also currently developing new moisturizing and exfoliating products!  Some of the other scents that Blue Marble Body Care carries in their soaps are Cinnamon and Spice, unscented Shea Butter and Patchouli!

Blue Marble Body Care is graciously offering 10% off your Blue Marble Body Care purchase to all A Nation of Mom followers!!!  Use the code: SPREADINGGOODNESS by September 30, 2012!  They are also providing free complimentary shipping to orders over $65!

CONNECT! Take a moment to visit the Blue Marble Body Care website to view and purchase these great soaps!  Christmas and the holiday season are just around the corner!!!   Also, make sure to follow them on Facebook by liking Blue Marble Body Care to stay up to date on their most recent products as well as read inspirational, insightful and educational posts on maintaining a healthy body!  Twitter followers will be excited to hear that Blue Marble Body Care is also tweeting, so make sure to follow them on Twitter as well!


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