The Nightmare that is My Phone

I love my phone.   Well, let’s just say that my relationship with my phone is more of a love / hate relationship!  I’m THAT mom.  The one that seems to always have her phone by her side, but being a newfound business owner of my own photography business, it is a hazard of the job!

I was always the one to have the old school phone ~ the one that wasn’t touch screen or as thin as a piece of paper.  No.  I had the flip phone that had the antenna that pulled out of the top!  Fortunately, though, a little over a year ago, my husband finally bought me an Android smartphone.

Thinking back, I still don’t know why he did.  You see, I am the WORLD’S WORST at losing, misplacing or even having my phone stolen from right under my nose.  I once even had my phone taken out of my purse while this random man had a conversation with me as I waited for the city bus.  You see, I’m that person that you have to have insurance for on her phone, because inevitably, the kids will eat it or it will fall out of my carrier ~ onto the concrete ~ and subsequently be run over ….. by me!   Yes…..that actually happened.

It seems that on a daily basis, if not on an hourly basis, I misplace my phone.  You would think that with a smartphone, being larger than a standard “old school” phone, that it would be a little easier to find…..wrong!  Let me tell you of my latest adventure.

Jonathan, myself and the kids visited my Dad in Houston a couple of weekends ago.  I probably set my phone down in a dozen different places as I chased after the kids, but I was making a conscious effort not to forget where I had placed it.  The weekend was a lot of fun, but as we packed up to leave after church on Sunday, we had everything packed and ready to go, except my phone!  I couldn’t find it anywhere!!!  I remember having woken up and unplugging it from the charger.  I remember NOT taking it to church with us, as I can’t count the number of times I had left it in my seat or with the Bibles.  So we had 5 adults scavenging the house trying to help find my lost…..and did I say SILENT….phone.  Of course I hadn’t turned the volume up…..I was at a point FAR PAST frustrated!

After about an hour and a half of searching and demolishing my poor Dad’s house, Jonathan stripped the sheets off of the bed in which we had slept, and lo and behold it was there ~ Silently nestled in between the sheets and under the pillow. Brilliant. We were able to laugh it off after the tension left the air and we had a safe trip home with Amelia screaming in the back ~ Her typical self.


Jonathan and I have though of so many different ways for me to keep up with my phone, all of them failed attempts.  If only I would have had a service like Verizon’s new Family Locator app.  This phone app is primarily known for tracking other users on the plan, knowing exact locations of the phones, verifying where people are at any point in time, but it also has the functionality of finding your phone using the GPS, whether it is lost in your home or had it been stolen.  How WONDERFUL would this app been to use in this case and helped to eliminate the stress and anxiety that filled our home as we frantically searched for my (once again) missing phone?

Or, when I was standing on the curb in New Orleans and my phone was swiped right from under my nose.  To be able to track where the thief had taken my phone and be able to hand that information over to the authorities?  The applications for this service in the retrieval of my phone would have been fantastic!!!



From now until August 15th, you can get a 30-day free trial to try the Verizon Family Locator for yourself. After that, only pay $9.99 a month per household!

Watch how great this application is and how it could help protect your family…..and your phone… it could have mine!


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