TeetheMe: A Box of Goodies for your Tot

Let’s face it, we all want the best for our baby, right?  The current baby market is inundated with products that claim to be the best, but how do you really know without doing all the research?  Who has time for that with a new baby or toddling toddler? TeetheMe does all the “legwork” for you!  TeetheMe is a monthly subscription service geared towards parents of “teething-age” children (approximately newborn-3 years) who enjoy a variety of the best and most innovative baby products available – but at budget prices.  For a small monthly fee and a huge monthly savings (in price and in time), you receive an adorable blue box full of 4 to 5 of the latest and greatest children’s products (not just teething items), handpicked by moms and delivered straight to your door by the “stork”.  Couldn’t be any easier than that!

What does it include?   My June box including the following:

  • SwaddleDesigns Angry Birds Swaddle Blanket

Although I don’t currently have any babies I’m swaddling, I can tell that this would be a great swaddle blanket to have.  It’s made of Cotton Marquisette which is a very soft, very breathable fabric – perfect for a summer baby! It’s also thick enough (and again, light enough) to use for privacy while breastfeeding, which I am currently doing.  What I love most about it is the instructions on the outside.  It would make a great gift for a new mom who wants to swaddle her baby but can’t remember exactly how to wrap the blanket.

  •  SwaddleDesigns Angry Birds Burpie

A perfect combo with the SwaddleDesigns swaddle blanket, plus this is a great burpie!  I love that it’s thick enough to really absorb some yucky messes.  It’s made just like a traditional pre-fold cloth diaper (which I think make the best burpies), except it’s more stylish!

  •  CityGrips

These grips go over the handlebars of your stroller, and were my favorite part of the TeetheMe box.  Not only are you less likely to get blisters while jogging or strolling, but they are just so comfy!  They also come in lots of different prints, which can give your stroller a more personalized look and help you pick it out of a crowd.

  • Little PIM Language DVD

This is a great little program that keeps my 3-year-old’s attention while teaching 60 Spanish words about morning and nighttime routines.  Little Pim is an award-winning language series that teaches many different second languages through their programs directed towards babies, toddlers & preschoolers.   Included in my box, I also received a 20% off coupon to purchase more Little PIM products.  I’m all about the deals!

As you can see, if I had purchased each of the items in my box separately, I would have easily spent over $60.00, making this super saver box $36+ under retail.  (Not to mention the time and gas I would have spent to research and purchase these types of items.)


How does it work?  Each month, TeetheMe charges your account a (significantly) discounted rate of $24 (with FREE shipping) on the 5th of the month and ships your package out around the middle of the month. If you sign up for 6 months, you get 1 month free (or 2 months free with a 1 year subscription).  Cancel any time.  The savings is approximately $25 in each box!

This would be such a fun subscription to have!  Just think, being surprised around the middle of the month with the hottest baby items at your doorstep – it’s like a mini Christmas each month! It would also be a fantastic baby shower gift for a new mama, allowing them to try out lots of fun products that they probably haven’t even heard of yet.  Sign yourself up or gift one to a friend and get teethed.  Better yet, refer your friends and get $10 off your next month’s box for each friend that signs up using your referral link!

CONNECT!  TeetheMe also offers other great resources on their website.  You can read about other great products and enter their giveaways at the “Daily Drool“.  In effort to always serve you with the best products, TeetheMe also encourages subscribers to review the products they receive each month on their site “Scoop & Dribble“.  This is also a great place to see a sampling of past products and what other parents thought about them.

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    Neat idea! Too bad this is only available to Americans.


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