O.O.T.W. Girls (From the Makers of Squinkies)

Have you heard of the hit toy, Squinkies? We love them at our house. In fact, I think I love Squinkies more than our kids do. The makers of Squinkies have come out with a new line of toys that is sure to be the next big thing – the O.O.T.W. Girls. O.O.T.W is a line of small dolls and accessories perfect for girls age 4 to 12.

The O.O.T.W. Girls are “Out of This World” trendy and cute.  Each girl has a dazzling personality as unique as the stars in the galaxy.  They have a passion for interstellar adventure and their vibrant imaginations take them everywhere under the sun.  The Girlaxy, a futuristic place filled with bright lights and fun, funky colors, is their playground.  An imaginative world where technology and astrology come together to make anything your girls dream of, possible.

O.O.T.W. represents a new world of imaginative play that merges the vinyl-mation doll craze with the design and collectibility of small dolls. The O.O.T.W. dolls have low-tech electronic functions that reflect each doll’s personality. Our girls love the fun sounds and flashing lights. The dolls have accessories and pets, with more goodies like a dancing stage, to be introduced soon.

Each has its own personality and function, so they are not your typical doll. Girls can collect and play with the dolls and then head to the Girlaxy online playground. The online site will grow as more dolls and accessories are introduced.

Both our 4 year old, and our almost 8 year old have really enjoyed playing with their O.O.T.W. doll, “Astra”.

Astra was born to be a star and loves singing and dancing and fashion. She loves to be in the spotlight. The whole universe is her stage and she likes to let her inner star shine. 
O.O.T.W. Dolls encourage girls to imagine, be creative, and dream – dream BIG.
BUY IT! You can buy your own O.O.T.W Doll at your favorite toy store. Retails for $9.99.
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