Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie: Country Blues and Ragtime CD for Kids (**GIVEAWAY**)

If you don’t know much about blues music, you will love Randy Kaplan’s kid-friendly romp through American Blues history.  If you want your kids to love the blues, Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie is the perfect introduction.  A good dose of history, a boatload of fun and a CD full of songs you will hear your kids singing around the house – this is not your average kids album.  Both kids and parents can agree on this one!

  •  The Fathers of the Blues  – How the album got its name…
  • They’re Red Hot – A ragtime bit that will have you dancing it up!  Some of the lyrics will have you laughing and shaking your head.  Monkey in the bathroom playing with the cow?  Huh?
  • Runaway Blues – In typical blues style, the lyrics tell the story of a young man who tells his mom he is going to run away.  This song is the story of how that ended up working for him.
  • In a Timeout Now – Who uses words like “anachronistic” in the lyrics?  And who knew there was yodeling in blues music?  A great story about a shrub house and some time outs!
  • Reading Glasses Kaplan – Trying to establish a nickname can be hard!
  • Kindhearted Babysitter Blues – Gotta love the harmonica beltin’ out some blues about a kid who is bummed because his favorite babysitter is not available!
  • Diddie Wah Diddie  – A short simple song about the magic “diddie wah diddie”, not to be confused with a ditty.
  • Ice Cream Man Rag – I love the ice cream man, but he never stops for me!  I’m not raggin’ on him, though!  Check out the music video for this song!
  • Oh Papa, Oh Mama – Papa, Mama loves you and she loves me, too!  Listen to the finger pickin’!
  • Kickball Kaplan – Another attempt at finding a nickname…
  • Sugar Sweet – A toe tappin’ song about a beloved dog…
  • You’ve Been a Good Old Wagon – This song might teach you a few things about math, English and bullying…
  • Getting’ Along – I’m not always right, and I can’t pretend I’m always wrong.
  • Mayor Kaplan – Still can’t find the right nickname…
  • Shake That Thing – Shake whatever you have, however you can…  A music teacher and music therapist’s dream song!  Good stuff.
  • That Will Never Happen No More – Famous last words!
  • Black Mountain Blues – There are some really strange things on Black Mountain!  Totally irrational!
  • Papa Waffle Kaplan – Still can’t quite get it…
  • Move to Kansas City – Gonna move to Kansas City and I’m gonna miss you!  A croonin’ song…
  • Way Down in Arkansas – A love story
  • Green Green Rocky Road – Tell me who you love, tell me who you love!  A sweet song with some seemingly requisite silliness!
  • Kiwi Kaplan – Let’s apply the “Blind Lemon Jefferson formula” for creating a name…or not.
  • So Different Blues – A back to school song with some nostalgia, wisdom, advice, reminiscence and lovin’ thrown in for good measure…
  • Mr.  Diddie Wah Diddie – As it began, so it ends…

There is a huge variety of music on this album, making it a real treasure.  But, the treasure comes with notes!  The liner notes for this album are full of interesting bits of facts and information regarding the blues, ragtime, famous musicians and other song-specific tidbits.  If you knew nothing about blues before, read the notes and learn!

Randy has a delightful sense of humor and a great deal of talent.  His other albums have titles and songs that look as if they, too, showcase his talent and wit.  I am particularly interested in the CD, Five Cent Piece.  On his website, you can also check his performance schedule, see animations and photographs from various parts of his life.

Happy listening!

BUY IT!  On Amazon, the CD costs $11.54.

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