Love & Logic Parenting Corner: What’s with LOVE and LOGIC?

Dewey Howard, a “Love & Logic” expert and recovering “drill sergeant dad”, and his wife Angela, a recovering “helicopter mom”, have successfully raised 3 kids using the “Love and Logic” parenting method.  He now shares his advice in his very popular classes and on our blog-azine.


It takes a great deal of love to …

  • Find the positives in our kids when they act poorly.
  • Hug them before we ask them about their homework.
  • Set limits without anger, lectures, or threats.
  • Hold them accountable for their poor decisions by providing empathy first and consequences second.


When we give this special kind of love, a wise type of logic grows in their minds:

  • When I make poor decisions, it makes my life pretty sad. I wonder how my next decision will affect my life?



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    Jessica Beard says:

    I’m really interested in researching Love and Logic more. I love the tip about hugging your child before they start homework.

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