Lakeshore Learning Science Kits and Math Practice Boards (**DISCOUNT**)

If you want to help your kids brush up on skills summer and throughout the school year, check out the learning products available from Lakeshore Learning!  Lakeshore Learning offers a huge variety of ideas, supplies and resources to help you help your kids keep learning even though “school” is out for the summer.

Here are a couple of ideas for you to check out.


Make math fun with these Beat the Clock Math Practice Boards.  These are available for:

  • Addition Facts to 12
  • Subtraction Facts to 12
  • Addition Facts to 18
  • Subtraction Facts to 18
  • Multiplication Facts
  • Division Facts

Each board comes with 6 different write and wipe pages that can be used repeatedly, a clock to time their progress and self-checking answers to make it possible to work independently.  There is a place on each page to record their score and their time.  We were sent the Addition Facts to 12 and the Subtraction Facts to 12 boards.  My biggest complaint about these books is that while it makes them very easy to score, the answers are on the connecting page (under a cover) and it is REALLY easy for kids to find them.  All they have to do it open the cover and the answers for the page they are working on are all visible.  If your child tends to want to cheat, it might be best to monitor them while they work.  Otherwise, this is a terrific product.  I love that it is reusable.  Making copies of worksheets or creating new worksheets from scratch each time gets old quickly.  The book is made using a spiral binding and is easy to open and lay flat.  The timer is simple enough to use that even young children can do it.  There is no dry erase pen or eraser provided, so you will have to provide those yourself.

Using the attached timer can be done in a couple of different ways.  The student can time their progress allowing the clock to count up from zero OR the timer can be used to count down from a set time and the student can work to beat the clock.  I really appreciate the flexibility provided by being able to use the clock either way.  My kids do not perform well under pressure or timed conditions, but this is a good way to gradually work them into their lesson plans.

BUY IT!  Each Beat the Clock Math Practice Board can be purchased individually ($24.95) or as a set (6 for $129).


Can Do! Science kits are a terrific way to explore the world of science.  Each kit includes 6 photo activity cards that let students conduct experiments on their own…plus everything you need for each activity.  Available kits include:

  • Magnets
  • Magnification
  • Color and Light
  • Motion
  • Sound
  • Sink or Float

Our family was given the Color and Light Kit to explore.  It included 4 color paddles, a flashlight and 6 activity cards, a plastic bear, instructions with objectives and activity ideas, and 2 mirrors with stands all stored in one convenient can with removable lid.  This is a simple place to begin to get kids to interact with light, color, reflections, mirror images, etc.  The contents are fairly durable and lend themselves to all kinds of experiments, demonstrations and such.  The paddles are fairly small and work for some things, but I would have loved for them to be even a little larger to allow for more color mixing, experimentation with larger objects, etc.  (Of course, then the can would have to be larger, too.)  I also wish the activity cards (which had no words except “Try This”! on them) would have been double sided to include 6 more ideas.  The activity ideas were a place to begin, but were certainly not ALL you could do with this kit.  It might be a good idea for Lakeshore to offer a link where people could contribute additional ideas for learning about color and light using the components of this kit.

In general, the Can Do kits are re-usable and contain/require few, if any, consumable parts (other than batteries, which are NOT included).  That means you can pull them out and do the experiments over and over.  I like the ideas presented by the activity cards, which required no reading (for our can).  And, I like that there are multiple options available using the components in one can.  That means it is possible to try one experiment or everything in one sitting.  Then, further exploration is possible, too.  Flexibility and re-usability rank high in importance in our family.

BUY IT!  Each Can Do! Kit is available for $19.95 or you can purchase all 6 kits for $99.50.

Lakeshore makes it easy to find what you need.  Or, you can purchase great gifts for birthdays, holidays or just for fun.  If your child is interested in a specific subject area, encourage them to explore and learn with the tools available from Lakeshore.  You can shop by category or by grade and age.  If you are the kind of person (like me) who needs to touch and hold and explore items before you purchase them, you can use the website to find a store near you.

I was amazed at the variety of things Lakeshore had to offer.  They have puzzles, games, software, learning tools, workbooks, card games, manipulatives, toys, wall charts, group activities, individual activities and so much more!  They have something for everyone!

I wanted to share a couple of things my kids and I are drooling over:

Classroom Floor Puzzle Set

($12.99 each or set of 16 for $199)

My kids love to do puzzles, but my youngest (2) loves to do them when the pieces are big enough that we have to do them on the floor, in his territory.  This set would be the perfect addition to our (small) collection of floor puzzles.  It covers animals, letters, numbers, transportation, seasons, fairy tales, children from around the world and SO much more.  What a terrific collection!

Science Discovery Chest



Lakeshore’s description:  Students explore everything from color and light to magnetism, weather, plant life and more…with a fully loaded science chest that couldn’t be easier to use! Our super-organized chest has 6 drawers packed with hands-on supplies—from eyedroppers and measuring cups to magnets, magnifiers, thermometers and much more. Best of all, you get over 40 double-sided activity cards color-coded to each drawer…so you can easily find the materials you need for each experiment. Students just follow the step-by-step instructions to complete each one! Sturdy chipboard chest is 19 3/4″ wide.

My thoughts about this product:  Talk about making science easy.  All the tools you need in one place, plus cards filled with ideas!  Nice.  This would make science go so much quicker and help our homeschool room be much more organized!

My favorite part of their website is the free resources page.  It offers choices such as a teacher’s corner (with lesson plans, projects, activities and printables), writing practice (make your own and print writing worksheets), flash cards (create and print flash cards for any subject), crafts & activities (subject, holiday, culture, and season specific craft ideas), clip art, calendars & templates (create calendars, print templates and use any of the tons of clip art for your projects), classroom designer (using your personal classroom dimensions, organize your floor plan and print the layout using this amazing tool) and complete classrooms® (a service that allows you to go from empty classroom to functional and exciting in no time).

With all these amazing resources, I am sure you, too, will want to check out Lakeshore Learning, either online or around the corner.  Happy shopping to you and happy learning to your kids!

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