Lakeshore Learning Plinko Phonemic Awareness Game

As a homeschooling mom with special needs 3rd graders and a pre-schooler, Phonics is something we spend a lot of time doing.  There are so many programs and books and worksheets, there is plenty of work to keep your little ones busy.

My kids, however, learn much better without books, worksheets and programs.  They like games and other hands on activities.  That’s where Lakeshore Learning comes in!

Long loved by teachers and homeschoolers for their great educational aids, websites with free resources for teachers, and countless other infant through 6th grade tools, Lakeshore Learning now offers the Phonemic Awareness Plinko Game!

Players simply drop a chip into the game board and watch it bounce into one of three categories—then practice saying the picture’s beginning or ending sound or name a word that rhymes with it!

Phonemic Awareness Plinko is just like being on Wheel of Fortune!  I can almost see Bob Barker saying “You get to play Plinko!” and my kids jumping up and down.

The chips are made of wood so not even my children could “accidentally” break them!  The play board and pegs are sturdy, too,  and will stand up to use.

To play, you put a chip anywhere along the top and let it go!  The pegs will guide it a different way each time.

The chips will fall in one of the 3 boxes: ‘Say the beginning sound,’ ‘Say a rhyming word,’ or ‘Say the ending sound.’

I loved how this was perfect for not only early learners, but my special needs kids as well.  There are so many different ways to play this game that you can have children on different levels play together.

For our pre-k learner, she picked a chip and we talked about it before she put it on the game board.  Then we did whatever the box it landed in said to do.  Since she’s only 2, it was a lot of me telling her the answer “Dog says /d/ D.”  Since she is so young, I didn’t force her to repeat the sounds if she didn’t want to but I did make her wait for her turn to go again.

For my older, but severely dyslexic, child we also kept pretty much to the rules.  She can not yet read, so any review of sounds and letter placement is good review for her and she has recently {finally!} caught onto rhyming so that was also good review.  With 3 letter words, I used chips landing in the middle box to say middle sounds, too.  Of course, we then said the beginning and ending sounds so she could hear everything in order.

For the not-as-severely dyslexic twin, I tried to change it up a bit.  The exercises were a little boring for her because she has already mastered the skills, but she still needs the practice.  A great way for her to practice, without knowing she is practicing is to have her run the game for her sisters!  Perfect!

Phonemic Awareness Plinko is a versatile aid that can be used in a variety of ways.  It is a great fit into any Pre-K through 1st Grade classroom.

Learning Shore also has Nonfiction Comprehension Plinko games for grades 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6.

BUY IT!  The Phonemic Awareness Plinko Game retails for $49.95.  Enjoy up to $15 off your purchase from Lakeshore.  (This discount will be active for 30 days once you click on the link.)

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    Stacey Sheridan says:

    This game looks wonderful and I look forward to playing it with my students. Unfortunately, it is discontinued at Lakeshore, do you happen to know where else I could purchase this?

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