My Do-Over Moment

How many times do we say, “If I could only do that over….”

Or … “In hindsight it’s 20/20 vision!”

If only I could have invested in that “red fruit” company!

How would you change that moment?

My life has taken many dramatic turns over the course of 34 years.  I’ve moved nearly 30 times in my life, some simply from apartment to apartment, others more permanent, such as a displacement from Hurricane Katrina.  I’ve been married twice and have even changed direction within my Christian walk over the last 10 years.

I think of all the changes and choices in my life, though, the one I regret and would do-over in my life, would be the choices I made in my school studies and my career.  Although now, I wouldn’t change anything in my life, as I would probably be leading a much different life, but… I wish I would have continued my pursuit of a career in the medical arena.

Even from a student in high school, I delved into the medical program that was offered at my school.  In that 2 year program, and by the time I was 17, I had become certified as a medical assistant, seen and assisted with 5 deliveries and 2 c-sections, seen an array of traumas and even worked part-time for an OB-GYN.  I was so excited and drawn to the medical career and I couldn’t wait to see where I landed!

Upon entering college, I had transferred from a local community college into Texas Tech University, with the pursuit of a biology degree / pre-med.  I even successfully went through the Texas Tech School of Medicine EMT program.

Well, after learning that Chemistry was NOT my forte, and allowing a very serious relationship affect my schoolwork, I switched my degree… biggest regret.  He asked me not to continue as an EMT due to the “risks” associated with that job. I, unfortunately, obliged. Alternatively, why didn’t I switch into a nursing program?  No….I chose an English Literature degree and Health degree (double major) with a minor in psychology. What do you do with that?  I had no teaching degree and no aspirations for a career that I was passionate about.

I married my college sweetheart and moved to the sticks of central Louisiana taking on a teaching job that paid less than $14,000 a year, while my husband at the time worked on his graduate degree with ZERO salary. Life was tough.  After moving to New Orleans, he began to work for the NBA and I worked as a corporate event planner.  Life was better.

After Katrina, I moved back to Dallas, we divorced and he moved to Oklahoma.  I continued as a successful event planner until I met Jonathan and we had Noah.  Now, I am the lucky stay-at-home mom of 2 beautiful children loving a God-fearing man and devoted father.  I am now developing my own photography company in Dallas ~ I wouldn’t trade my life!

With that said, I always wondered what would happen if I did have the chance to do it over and complete a nursing program….where would I be?  I would love my job and after leaving the workforce, raising my babies and then returning, I would be in a field that is in high demand and would never be short of work.  I wonder now what I would do if we ever needed me to go back to work.  I’m very smart, but lacking true trained skills that employers look for.

But, this is my life now and I love it!

So if you had to do something over in your life, what would it be?

Would it be a major event?

Would it be the ability to NOT have to do “redos” on a daily basis?

How many times do we have to do simple tasks over and over?  Cleaning the house, rewashing the dishes ….. in my case, its having to redry and redry our dishes….and we actually have a very expensive and name brand dishwasher!!!

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I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective.  All the opinions expressed here are my own.

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