Love & Logic Parenting Corner: Growing Up Too Fast

Dewey Howard, a “Love & Logic” expert and recovering “drill sergeant dad”, and his wife Angela, a recovering “helicopter mom”, have successfully raised 3 kids using the “Love and Logic” parenting method.  He now shares his advice in his very popular classes and on our blog-azine.

Kids seem so much smarter today, don’t they? TV fills them with more current events and cultural trends then ever before. They have been made aware of life’s serious issues at an earlier age than most of us. Their lives are filled with greater choices that have much greater consequences than ever before. Many parents are afraid of talking with their kids about “life” because they are afraid their kids know more about it than they do.

The problem is, we sometimes confuse being “streetwise” with the mental maturity to process life. Our kids have more coming at them through the media, entertainment, and their peers than ever before. Their bodies seem to mature at a much quicker rate than earlier generations. Unfortunately, their brains process information at about the same pace kids always have. So while our kids have more information, they are not any more capable of navigating what is coming at them. In fact, because they have so much more “knowledge” to deal with, they may be less able to handle it effectively.

That is where we as parents come in. In order for kids to grow up well in our fast moving culture, they need strong and secure parents to help them navigate the sea of information bombarding them. They need parents who can help them interpret meaning, make good choices, and cope with greater demands.

Don’t be intimidated by your “sophisticated” child. He needs you more than ever!

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