Enjoy Summer – Act Like a Kid


Lately, I’ve been sitting back and really observing my children, noting how we adults could learn a thing or two from our little ones. They see things in such an innocent light.

While we grumble that the rain will get our just-washed car dirty, my son tells me “the rain will make your car all clean!” Those pesky dandelions are as much fun to blow & watch float away as pricey bubbles, and my son loves hunting for yellow ones and bringing the “pretty flowers” to me. I grumble about soap scum in the tub, but my son thinks that rubbing his soap all around will help me clean the tub.

I’m anticipating a long summer full of choruses “I’m bored.” It’s difficult with a small baby, to go do things with my other kids. So, I’m going to act like a kid and try to experience the joy in little things. My kids love when I put cooking, cleaning & laundry aside & play with them, and I’ve been thinking about things I did as a kid.

Here are some ideas!

  • Lay in the grass and look at the clouds. Do my kids see the same shapes I do?
  • Roll down a hill, see who gets to the bottom first!
  • Camp in the backyard.
  • Swing from a tree branch.
  • Pick flowers in the yard.
  • Get a bucket of soapy water and “wash” toy cars.
  • Have a picnic.
  • Go to the park & see who can swing highest.
  • Dig in the dirt for rocks “treasure.” Wash treasures in the soapy water bucket & see what you find!
  • Play in the sandbox and make a castle, complete with moat.
  • Get paper & a fresh box of crayons, sit down with your kids & color! Make a picture for the other person.
  • Make play dough, then sit down and make something with your kids!
  • Eat breakfast outside and listen for birds.
  • Take a magnifying glass outside and explore!
  • Instead of a Pinterest worthy craft or recipe, make something messy and fun, even if it isn’t pretty!
  • Put on your bathing suit and “paint” with pudding outside. Clean up with the hose.


What was your favorite thing to do during the summer as a child?

Fitteds and Pockets and Snappis, oh my!




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