Boba Wrap: Comfortably Carrying Your Baby (**GIVEAWAY**)

One of my favorite things about being a mom is having my baby close to me most (if not all) of the time. I love holding my little one, hearing his cute noises, observing his awareness of what is around him and snuggling him to sleep. And my baby loves it, too. In fact, he craves it. (I am not going to go into details about the benefits of being close to your baby, touching and carrying your baby constantly.) In order to have my baby close to me all the time, I must have some sort of carrier, wrap or sling.

I had the privilege of reviewing the Boba Wrap for the past few weeks – let me tell you, it has been an awesome three weeks!  I have carried my son through shopping trips, while chasing my preschooler on the playground, hiking, at baseball games and just around the house. My baby boy loves it. He loves the feeling of being snug, secure, connected to and protected by me while still being able to explore his surroundings and see everyone.  And because he also loves the motion as I walk, he oftentimes falls asleep right on my chest.

If you are searching for a way of carrying your baby while still having the freedom of being hands-free, try the Boba Wrap (formerly called the Sleepy Wrap).

Why the Boba Wrap?

With all the types of carriers, slings and wraps out there to choose from you may ask why the Boba Wrap?  Though I had tried several other types of carriers in the past, I had always feared the complexity of a wrap. However, my sister-in-law used a Boba Wrap with her infant son and loved it so much, that it convinced me to try one as well. It’s everything I imagined, but without the complexity!

  • It’s comfortable for the wearer. I can tell you with confidence that it is comfortable, as I have had no back or shoulder strain like I do with other carriers. It’s even comfortable for prolonged usage – I have worn my son in it for at least two hours at a time, and during that time I was never once uncomfortable. Plus there is no hardware (buttons, buckles or straps) of any kind!
  • It’s very comfortable for baby. My son loves it and could be in it all day. He loves it most when I am moving about and walking around, but I can also just stand or even sit down with him in the wrap.  In fact, you can wear your baby in the Boba Wrap as long as you like because there are no pressure points for your baby unlike other hard baby carriers.  Baby’s hips and legs are completely supported (and not dangling loosely), as is baby’s head and neck.  It’s also very soft on baby’s skin.
  • It protects my baby from the elements.  All I have to do is put a hat on him and he can be covered from head to toe when we are outdoors.
  • It’s incredibly easy to put on and put baby in once you learn how to tie the Boba Wrap (don’t worry, it’s a short learning curve).  When I go out, I put the wrap on before getting in the car.  And when I get to my destination, I just have to get my son out of his car seat and put him in. (See the instructions or watch the video demo below.)

  • The stretchy, high quality fabric fits baby perfectly every time. Other wraps are not as stretchy or have a different type of elasticity, making it challenging to tie correctly to fit baby.  Constructed with heavy cotton knit and a touch of spandex, the Boba is made to fit snug against the wearer.  There is no need to leave extra room for baby, as the wrap will automatically adjust and stretch to fit your baby every time. Even with repeated washings and usage, it will not stretch or change its shape, nor will your baby sag while using it.
  • It’s perfect and safe for the teeniest of newborns up through the preschool age (2 to 45 pounds).  To put this into perspective, my 3 1/2 year old is still 32 pounds.
  • It allows you to nurse discreetly while on the go.

Boba also makes baby carriers that can be used for carrying infants over 7 pounds up to toddler-aged children up to 45 pounds.

Other products from Boba include:

The bottom line:

I totally and 100% recommend this product to any new parent or, like me, if you have to keep up with an older child!

BUY IT!  You can buy the Boba Wrap online directly from the Boba Family store for $48 ($65 for organic cotton). Or buy it from Amazon with FREE SHIPPING.  It’s available in 15 different colors!


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