Bean It Like You Mean It **GIVEAWAY**

What do you get when crazy guys who love music get together to perform for a crowd of kids?  Super silly, crazy, clean fun!  I recently had the pleasure of attending a performance of the String Beans.  What a fun time!  I may have had just as much (or more) fun as the kids.  These guys do a terrific job of including the audience in their songs, encouraging the kids to dance and sing, making amazing rhymes on the spot and putting a ton of energy into their performance.  They even took requests!

Their newest album, Bean It Like You Mean It, is full to the brim with all kinds of hilarious, fun and informational (learning!) songs.

Bean It Like You Mean It

A high-energy song filled with an encouraging message

and words of wisdom

There are hard things in life, but if you get up and “bean it like you mean it”, you will go far!

Cartoon Connoisseur

A humorous look at all the cartoons kids might watch (Yikes!)

If you watch them all, you might grow up to be a cartoon connoisseur

Don’t Want To!

A phrase Moms hear WAY TOO OFTEN put to music

I can see singing this song to my kids to help break the negative mood.

A great tool for a Mom’s tool box


A perfect song for summer

You will never look at fireflies the same way again.

Hula Hoop

A little bit of science content…Yay!

Using the hula hoop idea, the lyrics illustrate how moons go around a planet and planets go around the sun.

A terrific word picture that kids can relate to…

Monster Town

A description of what life might be life in Monster Town

Pluto’s Always a Planet to Me

A pledge to always include Pluto in the list of planets

The names of the planets along with a little bit of info about each one, INCLUDING Pluto!

Princess Slumber Party

My daughter calls this the “No Boys Allowed” song.  What might happen if Snow White, Cinderella, Goldilocks, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and the Little Mermaid got together for a slumber party?

(PS- It gets stuck in your head.)

(I found it incredibly humorous to watch a group of guys sing about a princess slumber party.)

Sock Monkey

An ode to the sock monkey

A love (and need) for a bedtime “lovey” is passed on to the next generation


All the things we love about trees

Who knew there were so many words that rhyme with trees?  (Giggle!)

Wishin’ I Were Fishin’

This song is filled with ridiculous notions about going fishing and catching hammerheads and whales.  Truly a fishy song!


A wistful, sweet song that everyone should sing with (or to) the kids in their lives

This is my favorite song on this album!


If you get a chance to see this group in person, I would highly recommend them.  They sing about princesses, dinosaurs, noodles (a favorite of mine), planets, Nebraska, gophers and babysitters.  Curt can write a song about anything…just give him an idea!  Check out their performance schedule.

Curt Bright has a delightful sense of humor, as shown in his lyrics.  Each song is filled with humor and facts about a variety of topics that kids might encounter, creating a fun musical experience for kids to learn and laugh simultaneously.  The music (also written by Curt) comes in a variety of styles, but is not so overly complicated as to be too much for kids to absorb and enjoy.  His use of a host of instruments and styles creates a delightful variety that everyone can appreciate.  It is the perfect combination for fun!  Pop this CD in the player on a road trip and start singing!  It is fun for the entire family!  While the kids are singing along, you might find yourself humming (or belting) a line (or song) or two.


If you want to hear bits of their songs, download lyrics or purchase a CD, you can do that here.  You can also download their songs from iTunes.  If their concert was any indicator of the great things in store, Oodles of Noodles will by the next album I purchase.  My kids loved this song, but the adults were laughing along as we guessed at the next hilarious rhyme scheme.  [It was the perfect song for a Swedish Festival!]  You will love laughing and singing it, too!

Check out the String Beans, either live or by recording.  You will love them (and so will your kids)!

BUY IT!   CDs can be purchased for $10 plus $2 shipping at OR downloaded from iTunes.

CONNECT!  Find The String Beans on Facebook.


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